Saturday, November 7, 2009

Who Pays?

Oh goodness, a lot is going on, and most of it isn't very good news ... especially as it pertains to this health-care crisis that our government representatives are about to foist upon us, to not only destroy our economy but precious unborn lives. There is considerable debate about who is paying, and who should pay for abortions, whether it be private insurers, or if the government should get involved in subsidizing with large sums of the taxpayers money the funding of abortions.

One thing I must point out in all of this, is the fact that the majority of abortions being performed are being directed by Planned Parenthood, which redirects funds from the government to make it appear as if there is no government involvement in the financing of abortions...make no mistake, Planned Parent receives millions each year from the government through other subsidies that the government pays to 48% of the population in the form of welfare, or Medicaid, etc ... and the greatest percentage of abortions are done through low-income clinics according to one of the institution's largest supporters and data providers the Guttmacher institute, a fanatically pro-abortion organization in conjunction with Planned Parenthood, which Margaret Sanger founded, the largest abortion provider in the world, seeking to control the population via control over reproductive rights in much the same manner as Communist China, with their one child per family policy. So, we have to be careful when accessing information that comes from the Guttmacher institute, who claims that "74%" of all abortions are being payed for by "private insurers."

A couple of thoughts on this ... most families that are fairly well-off financially and that are organized morally/spiritually I don't think are going to think about going to the extreme of murdering a new beginning in their family, that being their unborn would seem unthinkable for those families who have a sense of right and wrong about them. On the other hand, we have those who, by being constrained by the government through subsidizing their poor state of living, leads them to a mentality of complacency, and waiting upon the government to supply their needs, and thus, they acquire only enough of the finances they need to survive, but do not wish to step out of their cocoon that the government keeps them in, and this is how those who run for office garner support for their socialist or communistic ideas, and thereby, creating a state of complacency...or like the boiling frog analogy...if you put a frog in a pot of cool water on a stove-eye, if you turn the heat up all at once, the frog can sense the impending danger and will jump out...but if you turn the heat up in increments (small degrees at a time), the the frog becomes accustomed to the heat but does not realize its fate ... this same analogy can be applied to the unnecessary entitlement programs that the government provides in the form of welfare, SSI, etc.

These government programs subsidize whether directly or indirectly the funding of abortions, the greatest percentage of the funding being directed through Planned Parenthood, and then documented as "personal finances," or from "private insurers" on the books of Planned Parenthood and their alliance with the data provider, the Guttmacher institute.

Much debate is now being waged over the point at which point human life develops the status of personhood, which will determine to a great extent, how and by whom abortion should or should not be subsidized. There should be no question as to what point a human life develops the status of a person with a right to life, or "if" a child is human in the womb. Life begins at conception, and is due the same right to life as anyone else in this world ... a human in the womb is made up of human DNA, and therefore equals a human. So there is no question about a right to life. Little unborn children hold the same amount of worth as you and I who stand on two feet.

So the answer to this question of who is, or who should be funding abortion, is? As of right now, the only ones paying for abortion, are those who are committing the act of murder upon the unborn. As to who should ... no one, whether a private insurer or the government. Insurance, just like law, is there to protect and benefit what is good and right. Not destroy it.

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