Thursday, November 26, 2009

Women bear brunt of 'climate change'? (

A United Nations group that promotes abortion has released some controversial recommendations concerning "global warming."

According to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), birth control and access to family-planning facilities can be a valuable weapon in the fight against supposed "climate change." The UNFPA sites overpopulation as one of the factors in the earth's "capacity to adjust" to climate change.

In an article published on, a representative from the Philippines notes that climate change could affect women the worst, as women in that country might be driven into the sex trade as climate change reduces income from farming and fishing. The Fund uses this scenario to justify its call for the distribution of birth control and its call to slow population growth.

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I found this entirely unsurprising, as the Left's ultimate goal is (not "seems" to be) to murder in the name of greed - Greed - excessive or blameworthy desire for food, money, or possessions. Now this might not be the same greed that you would suspect in the normal fashion as it is explained in the general description of greed. The ultimate force behind the greed that drives the Left-wing liberals, is a desire to simply usurp the authority of our Almighty Creator God. They want to set themselves up in a position to control everything so that it goes according to man's system, to set man up as the ultimate arbiter over life and death through the system of governance at the highest level, our government, and quite frankly, America is in a good position to be taken advantage of by this very dangerous way of thinking, they are vulnerable to be taken over by this communistic set of ideals that are being proposed through the power structure that is being put into place by our very own government. People have been taken advantage of through the socialistic programs that were enacted to supposedly "help" the poor, such as welfare for example, 47% of Americans are currently on some sort of government controlled program, that's nearly half the population, and with the number of jobless claims on a steady incline it appears very likely that that number will only increase as time passes...but for the most part, America isn't fairing too bad as it stands at the present, but it doesn't appear that it will stay that way. Overall, we are a wealthy country...the problem being, that Americans have neglected their true need in believing in, and giving credit to God the supplier of their needs, and I think that it's appropriate, since we have just passed Thanksgiving to key in on that note...what are Americans truly thankful for? As I see it, and I don't if you see it the same as well, but many Americans are only thankful for the accomplishments that they've made by confiding in they really aren't thankful. It's this type of danger, this type of complacency that is ruining America, and putting America at a crossroads, and we are at that crossroads now. We have put ourselves in a predicament, and there is only one way out of it. To turn back to God for our blessings, and to turn the thanks to Him. God appreciates us when He sees that we recognize Him as our source of hope, and indeed, He is the only hope that we have.

In the meantime, we must pray that God would change the hearts of our leaders in Washington D.C., in order that they would not be murderous in their thinking!

God Bless You, and thank you for reading!

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