Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pro-life group scrutinizing Catholic charity (

American Life League (ALL) is challenging the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) and the Archdiocese of San Francisco.

The League conducted a probe of the charitable Catholic organization and found that it funded close to 50 groups that promote abortion and homosexuality, both of which are antithetical to church teaching. That includes one group that dispenses the "morning-after" pill to teenagers.

Michael Hichborn of ALL says his group then focused on two healthcare programs of the San Francisco Organizing Project. "Both of these programs," he explains, "have written into them full access to abortion including elective abortions, every aspect of birth control that you could possibly want."

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It seems more and more that there is immorality being promoted by, or in the name of the Catholic Church. Why? Is following the Pope as the "infallible" beginning to be exposed? Perhaps God is trying to show those who follow Catholicism something? I'd say there's a very good likeliehood that He is. You might remember just a few weeks ago I shared with you my thoughts on PETA and how they've been promoting sexual sin instead of helping hurting cats and dogs, and how a model by the name of Joanna Krupa had taken advantage of an opportunity to do advertising for PETA, and she uses the opportunity by de-robing and placing a crucifix over her extremities pictured as though she were in a cathedral full of dogs. Something seems very odd about all that. And now, we hear that the Catholic Church is promoting abortion (the barbaric murder of unborn children) and homosexuality.

Now, does this diminish my faith any? Of course not. My faith in God and desire to do what His Word tells me to do is as strong today as it ever was, but no doubt, with these kind of things tolerated in the Catholic Church it will lead many astray through this kind of thing going on, because it exposes hypocrisy. Something just tells me that there is something very wrong about the Catholic Church, and I would suggest to its adherents that they take another look, and then decide for yourself if you still want to be there or not. I would also suggest, however, that you may want to find you a Church that is more in adherence to the biblical plan of salvation.

Further on in the link, OneNewsNow writes concerning the sex ed programs that these Catholic groups are funding and their results, which are primarily promiscuity, which I was already aware of, and probably many of you were, as well. Sex education does nothing to reduce pregnancy, or sexually transmitted diseases because their sole intent is to recruit young women into the abortion industry.

What a tragedy to allow the communist public school system to lead our youth down a road of such misery unto death.

God bless, and thank you for reading today!

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