Monday, February 15, 2010

Who Is To Blame For Our Economic Woes?

I was reading an interesting article written by Matt Margolis over at Blogs for Victory, and he asks the same question.

You know, back in 1994, republicans took control of Congress, and that was the year that Newt Gingrich and other Conservatives alongside him forged what was known as the Contract with America, and it had two provisions in it that really helped to direct us in a better direction. One of them was the fiscal responsibility act, and the other, job creation and wage enhancement act. While parts of the fiscal responsibility act made it through Congress...the job creation and wage enhancement act was not so fortunate to make it past then President Bill Clinton's veto pen.

Nevertheless, things started happening for the good with 1994 being one of the strongest years in net growth within the decade, and the Republican Congress' takeover.

In 2006, Democrats took control of Congress, and from there, we saw the economy start to slide on a downward trend in a fast way...there were bank bailouts, vehicle company bailouts, bailouts of Wall-street, and numerous others. Everyone wanted a bailout. Then the housing market started to crash, and people started to foreclose, with the government taking over these houses with the intent to own them by taking a larger role in running the banks. We needn't look no further then, to people like Barney Frank, who, in a major way, oversaw the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Crisis, and for the most part, was the instigator of it, by deregulating the financial institutions, and thus, bad loaning practices followed by the two institutions. Now, the whole story is entirely unknown on how it took place, but in any case, it was largely, we can be sure of, due to Congressman Frank, who had intentions in mind to destroy capitalism in a hurry, along with his friend, Herb Moses.

At any rate, the words 'job creation' and 'wage enhancement' don't seem to ring clear in the heads of our current crop of elite Democrats in control of Washington, with such bills proposed to enact the largest ever tax-increases in our nation's history, and that work to kill jobs, such as "Cap-n-Trade," and "Universal Healthcare." Now, keep in mind also, that the universal healthcare bill was pretty much scrapped when Scott Brown was elected to give Republicans the power to filibuster any such attempts at passing the dangerous bill,'s also true that the GOP has recently talked about "negotiations". This is very dangerous, indeed. Let us make it clear that we are not about to let our Congress force such a measure upon the American taxpayer that is unconstitutional, and out of touch with the real America.

They are socialistic programs designed with the intent to implement communism in our nation's headquarters, and institution that was God-fearing until the election of Barack Obama.

So, who is to blame for our economic woes? To me, it rests in the hands of the voters, and it's a good learning lesson that people need to see who it is exactly, that's on the peoples side, when it comes to our nation's leaders. And I can say with confidence, and no doubt, many of you can too, now that you see the light, that is, that it most definitely isn't the Democrats. Many republicans aren't, as well. But we aren't looking for someone who has a D or an R behind their name...we're looking for someone who has a C behind their name. But, there are two C's, did you know that? Yes, there is Conservatives, and then their are Communists. And we want to go with who? That's right, the Conservatives!

God bless you, and thank you for reading today!

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