Saturday, March 6, 2010

Gary DeMar on The Morally Bankrupt Atheist Agenda

I like how he explains the consequences, or dangers of pornography, those things that come as a result of distribution of pornographic material ... it leads to abuse of children, it leads to the rape of women, it leads to incest. Like Gary says, it creates a 'bubble around individuals who have or may attain an unrealistic visual of sexual relations. The primary thing, is that it is the sexual objectification of women. A sure ticket to the destruction of a happy healthy family.

Gary is an intelligent person, and I highly commend him in the work that he does in exposing the far left and the factions that make up the far left, which can be broken down into two basic groups - atheists and homosexuals. Of course, all homosexuals are atheists, but not all atheists are homosexuals ... however, overall, as Gary explained, in the atheist worldview there is no objective morality ... I mean, birds have better sense than most atheists have.

Getting back to the pornographic aspect of this thread ... this is one aspect of atheism, as there are many other practices, and or philosophies which fall under the same heading-atheism. So, pornography is just one aspect of atheism. Pornography is probably one if not the single most effective destroyer of life in the atheist's arsenal of weaponry. So many people think that the women who get caught up in pornography are the "victims" ... well, that' not entirely the case, but women do put themselves in a highly risky business when doing porn shoots and movies for a "job."

Men must not be left out of the victim equation, because they too indeed, become victims...especially those men who become sex addicts. A severe level of brain-damage occurs with sustained levels of epinephrine going into the blood-stream...this chemical is released when excited or frightened in varying amounts, depending on the level of excitement or fear, and it is meant to prepare one to fight or flee the scene, it's like puts more blood to the lower extremities, to prepare one to run, in essence ... so that is a healthy thing, in a sense. But there are times when it is not so healthy, such as when lust becomes a factor, looking at pornographic material in a book or magazine, or watching pornographic films/channels on the television, or on the Internet. The combination of epinephrine, and the image works to cut a channel into the brain so that eventually, that is the only part of the brain that works, the part surrounding those images that have been stored into it, while the other parts of the brain become atrophied altogether so that that person cannot function in a normal way, or have a normal life.

So, yeah, men become victims to this terrible fate of damage done to their brain through the viewing of pornography. Not to forget, also, that pornography is the leading cause of family break-ups. Wives feel rejected due to their husbands looking at other women through the various means of objectifying them. Many broken hearts can be accredited to the atheists pornography, and likewise souls spending eternity in a hell that burns without ceasing.

God help our country. If you know of a friend who is addicted to this horrible atheistic disease, please try to encourage them and help them to break free from it.

God bless you, and thank you for reading today!

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