Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lies vs. Fact

I found this article quite interesting, and paraphrasing, it says ... Asif Ali Zardari, President of Pakistan says Islam is a "religion of peace and tranquillity"...

Perhaps Mr. Zardari has not taken into account the many stacks, upon stacks, upon stacks of dead people, and mass graves of those whose deaths are directly attributable to the murderous activity and intent of Muslim terrorists.

It is doubtless that deaths tied to Muslim terrorism date all the way back to the time Ishmael, who is the forefather of our modern day Muslim terrorists, they were a warring tribe then, and continue to be a warring people to this day. And also doubtless, is the fact that the murders committed by these people were done on a daily basis from that time period until now. So the numbers must run into the millions...of people that have been murdered by Muslims.

Just to give you an example of this, we can go to a site that keeps a quite large data-base recorded to support these facts at this site - http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/ - on the site's main page, it shows that over the past two days that nearly three dozen people have been murdered in differing locations throughout the world.

As far as I can tell, this site started tracking murders by Muslims back to 2001. So that's just a tiny fraction of the numbers that go all the way back to the starting time of Muslim terrorism. So, between communism and Islam we can only estimate how many people have suffered to the hands of the dictator and terrorist-minded.

So, with that said, I hope you will think about these things, and spread the word, so that those who are spreading mis-information will be exposed, such as those like the President of Pakistan.

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