Sunday, December 4, 2011

Herman Cain's Campaign Destroyed

Well, my dear folks, it appears as if Herman Cain has suspended his campaign. Mr. Cain had a lot of promise, and was leading in the polls early on in his campaign, but as always, Democrats in their greed, desire for power and deceitful ways found someone they could pay to tell lies about him, and destroy his candidacy for the Presidency.
Not a whole lot unlike what they did to Sarah Palin during the time that she was chosen for Vice President by John McCain, and afterward while she was thinking about running for President. It's the Liberal Democrat way, folks, they don't know any other way to win than to belittle, lie, cheat, and steal from and to the American people to get their way. It should be against the rules to lie about someone's character and conduct. Allegations such as those leveled against Herman Cain should constitute a fine, and imprisonment for all those involved! But alas, we are in an age when this type of conduct is tolerated despite the damaging effect it is having on our country! All for now ... Your thoughts...

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