Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Darwinists: Their Explanation Of Life Dressed Up As "Science".

All theology is Ideology. Which is a tautology introduced by Marx Barth, in which he introduces the concept of Ideology as the production of conceptions, of ideas, and of the consciences. That's quite interesting, as it would relate to the many Ideologies and Theories we as Christians come up against in our Modern Day Culture, a Culture full of Death, Hatred, and Lies!! One of the main underlying problems leading to this distorted elixir of beliefs and ideologies we find in our Modern world, is that there is a lacking of profound basic understanding of origins in which the materialistic objects actually orgininated, in which many have fallen for not just a misconception but a complete lie, nothing more, nothing less--that all we see, hear, and feel came from--"nothingness". How do people come to such ideological inconsistencies? Down through the ages there have been many philosophers who have strived to perceive, and expound their own ideological, theoretical answers to the past tense of all existence on Earth as we know it. One of the most influential minds in the history of science was Charles Darwin, who lived from 1809-1882--Charles Darwin started the movement we call today known as "Darwinianism", which has lead to the widely conceived notion that all life "Descended from former existing life forms". Can this work? The answer is simply, No! It cannot!

How do the Darwinians explain the former existence of life forms?
If the current life forms are "mutations" of the former life forms, then why are the former life forms not already extinct? Many Scientists, have tried to use the many geological records as proof of "changing" life, but it is an affront and contradiction to the more common sense approach, which we Christians hold that, All geological records have consistently shown that the life forms in which we make new discoveries, are perserved in exactly the same size and shape as the current life we see today, such as the mollusks, mosquitos, birds, and many other life forms that are preserved within the sedimentary rock that was a result of Man's disobedience, and is the proof of God's Wrath, God had to destroy sinful man, by submerging the earth with a Great Flood of water--Genesis 6:7--"I will wipe mankind, whom I have created, from the face of the earth--men and animals, and creatures that move along the ground, and birds of the air--for I am grieved that I have made them."

Now, we have Creation, and we have Darwinism--as the different views come into conflict with each other, this is where it leads to the Culture of Death, simply because many believe because of Darwin's misleading propaganda, that life, human life within the womb--Is "not human". What Idiocy!!!!

If life in the womb of a woman were not human, then there would be no consistency for progress in our Modern day culture, civilization would cease to exist!! Millions of people have been born, worked, and helped build the Nation and world into what it is today. So, my question to the Darwinists--How would all of this possible, if we are not human in the womb????

Life within the womb "is not human" is merely a blasphemous notion of Atheists who believe Satan's deceiving lie!!!

You see, as Scientists continue to labor for the answers in all their many findings and discoveries, they fail to realize--"I am looking at the workings of the Creator".

God is the Science behind Science!!!

God's hand is at work in all we see, and all we do!!

God justifies every living thing, He says, 'From dust you came, to dust you shall return.' It is God's place to give and to take away!

He gave us Life because He loves us, the reason He takes life away, is because He placed a curse upon mankind for sin, but He loved us so much that He sent His One and Only Son to die on the Cross at Calvary where He shed His precious blood for our transgressions, and to provide a way back to the Father that we might have Life not just in the here and now, but for Eternity with Him in Heaven!!

God bless!

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