Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Once again Christmas is coming and the crowds are overjoyed the people are thrilled that they have the chance (not thinking about the privilege) to go into the shopping Malls across America. We spend millions upon millions of dollars to purchase Wal-Mart Stuff and I call it stuff, because most of the Wal-Mart packaging comes from a country that's growing at a 300% increase, namely China. A country that is dominated by Communist Control and the people there are working to provide for their families and are forced to work for meager wages such as our third world countries. I wonder if Wal-Mart could get the same wages here, how they would tend to business. And believe me, I'm not against Free Trade, or the Right to make a profit, I believe they treat their employees with respect…as far as I know.

We live in an age that is so uncertain. We see the pope of Rome reaching out proclaiming statements to the world and clasping hands with the religions of the world, claiming the right of the One Most High with the title "Vicar Son of God, -vs.. vicarius fili dei... figure the Roman numerals here.., while the scriptures tell Gods True Church (All those born again through the Shed Blood of Jesus Christ) to "come out of her my people". It’s so true to see our scriptures of the Bible go hand in hand with the world situations and see these things come to pass. We live in a world of most uncertainty when it comes to mans promises and terms. How freightful indeed.

Our Nations are in such disarray with people clasping for offices that will give them control and dominance over others. We have in our own country those who want to bring our country into such a controlled status by their own ideologies, agendas, and socialist ideas. Our democratic friends are mostly in such disarray, that it is profoundly disheartening. We see such evil entities as the ACLU and some of these other groups that are led by such ideologies that want God expelled, Abortion to the Maximum allowable by Law, We are beginning to see Euthanasia presented, (its coming friends), and to see the Elderly thrown by the wayside, We see ideologies of a National Health care system that will so bring our country into mayhem that this Nation will only begin to see the dreadful consequences of such an ideology., don't believe this, just ask anybody from Canada. Their people come to America for Healthcare. Don't be fooled by the insane agendas of the far Left and those bringing this to our Nation.

We have people believing that Same Sex Marriage is OK, we want Drive through Marriages, We want to disband Marriage between one man and one woman, we see organizations like the Evil NAMBLA wanting to warrant sex between adults and children, (what evil darkness), they want Christmas Out of society, Our legislators wanted the Ten Commandments in the Halls of Congress because they hated to see what God has to PROCLAIM to the Nation. Guilt was so laid upon their consciences that they wanted to cover the very Words ordained by the God of Creation. But it was removed when the people protested.

We now stand at the threshold to where nations are mounting and building hatred towards our nation because we still maintain the democracy and freedom and a belief in an Almighty that reigns on High. And so many hate this Judea-Christian belief that still lingers in America and that has kept Old Glory’s stripes and stars flying on High. My, How we need to see a revival come to this Nation to where people will call out on this Great God of Creation and we see people bow before the God Almighty.

We see these nations that have a religious attitude that differs from ours and they dispel the fact that we still trust in God. They dispel the fact that many in America are still God-Fearing people who pray to this Great God, who sent His Son Jesus Christ to die on an old rugged Cross.

Where do we stand now, well Like our President has just warned our nation about the terrorist ideologies, their futile attempts to bring our nation down, to destroy our foundation, to destroy our legal system, to destroy our monetary system, to destroy our very lives, we must remain vigilant, we must not sleep or slumber because there are those who are within our own walls that would love to see our nation brought down. Why, as I’ve mentioned earlier, their (Communist Democrats) ideologies and agendas, that form and fit the attitudes of Marx, Stalin, Hitler, etc. Thank God for our Leaders who still fear God and still believe in a system of Justice, of Reform and an American Dream.

Christmas is coming up, we must never, ever, forget what we were, where we came from, the blood that set this nation free, and the lives that fought to win this democracy, and mainly…the blood bought purchase of every soul under the altar of Jesus Christ who paid the ultimate price by His own blood on Calvary.
I know this sound’s like a sermon, but it hopefully reaches the ears of those who deem it so necessary to pray and see a return to our roots and our true foundation which this nation was founded on.

I would like to see our nation brought together, and to see the divide that has so divided our nation brought back. Do I have the answer, you bet I do and you can disagree with it if you want, but the only change that will bring America back is the repentance that's told us in II Chronicles of the Old Testament. "If My people, who are called by My Name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land." 2 Chronicles 7:14

Folks, we live in an age and time that nobody knows what transpires next, but one thing I do know, if we don't listen to this verse, then our nation will continue the downward spiral. We can rant and rave, we can continue if we want, but we need to get the message out, to not just one another but to the world, that every Nation falls under this proclamation of II Chronicles.

We must reach our hands in fellowship, but we must not join the ideologies and falsehoods of their beliefs and secular ideas. We must treat others as we would have others treat us.

We must constantly bear watch, the falsehoods of organizations like NAMBLA, ACLU, NOW, and other hate-groups and false Ideologies that seem to be invading our Political, Judicial, and Religious System of America. Otherwise our voices will cry-out with nobody listening. God help us in America. We do need help and it will only come from heaven above.

What the world truly needs is love and "God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him, should not perish but have everlasting life." John 3:16 ~ God bless you and Merry Christmas! 12/4/07

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