Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Bloomington, Ind. -
When Mitt Romney gave his "Faith in America" address last Thursday, observers wondered how "Mormon" it would be. "Not very," is the understandable consensus. Mormonism 101 it was not, and he said very little about his personal religious beliefs, sticking to his announced topic.

Still, in the way he talked about religious diversity, the nation's symphony of faiths, the way religious liberty stands at the heart of the American constitutional system, and how religion belongs in the public square, this was a consummate Mormon speech. Moreover, despite its political agenda, it is possible to read what Mr. Romney said as being in harmony with a major effort his church has been making since the 1970s: to be included in the American religious mainstream.

To be quite frank, to use the term, "religious mainstream", doesn't appeal to me very well, simply because it's not the religion that counts. The word religion, is used to cause division, what counts is the main message of Christianity, which rather than divide us, binds and unites us together, and you all know it, John 3:16~ For God so loved the world that He gave His One and Only Begotten Son, that whoever believeth, should not perish but have Eternal life.

Although we are pre-dominantly mainline protestant, the fact still remains, Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior is the only advocate we have with the Father, no man can take His place!

As I've said, I believe Mitt is a good Christian man, but his theology affects the outcome of his decisions too negatively.

Your thoughts...

~ Jeremiah

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