Sunday, December 9, 2007


As Christmas day approaches it is a time for all of God's people to join together in celebration of Our Lord's birth. On Christmas Eve many participate in Christmas Carols and Festivities, in the singing of hymns of praise and song to the King of kings. While others are preparing the dinner table, making cakes, cookies, and all sorts of goodies. Still others are wrapping gifts for Christmas Morning. All symbolic of the Greatest Gift of them all, born in a manger, in Bethlehem ... Jesus!

On another note, there are many of our Brothers and Sisters that are not as fortunate, who are enduring great persecution and suffering around the world by those of the Muslim community whom practice Islam/Jihad - a "Holy War", in which much violence is perpetrated against whom they claim, "infidels" in the Christian community. When in reality it is the Muslims who are the infidels, not believing in the Divine power of God's One and Only Son Jesus Christ who died once for all, that all men would turn from their wicked ways. You see, friends, Ours is a Holy War also, so we can turn this around on those of the Muslim community who practice Islam, only for Christians ... We don't fight for God by Murdering, because we don't have to, it's not a physical/political battle, it is a Spiritual one; and if we remain true to Christ, then He says that He will go before us, and fight for us, so we can leave our burdens with Him, and He'll work things out for the good of His people; as long we put our full faith and trust in Him and Him alone!

So, In this Christmas Season, please remember our Brothers and Sisters around the world, that God may comfort them and that He will give them the strength to endure their suffering...and let us also pray that they may remain faithful to the Lord during their troubled times...never losing sight of their Hope that is in Christ Jesus!

God bless,
~ Jeremiah


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