Friday, December 14, 2007


As Congress struggled to shape new energy legislation this week, an equally important fight was shaping up: whether the United States will begin to regulate greenhouse-gas emissions.

The prospects for such regulation began to emerge this past April when, in a setback for the Bush administration, the US Supreme Court affirmed that the Environmental Protection Agency had the legal authority to regulate emissions. The wrangling this week over the Senate energy bill represents the first skirmish over what could quickly become a full-blown battle over measures to slow climate change.

It's really interesting, sad actually, to see our elected officials doing a jig-saw dance over an absurd notion construed to be the "end of the world" by a lefty (Al Gore to be correct), whom thinks himself the "god-king of the earth's and universes future".

I just wonder if they've ever taken a moment (as in, if they would?), in amongst their squabbling to stop and think about their size in terms of reality, within this world and universe? I don't think they have ... and is only proof of how much the deceiving lies of Satan have worked their way into the hearts of the people, causing fear and anxiety for outlandishly foolish purposes. What a shame friends, our Founding Fathers wouldn't know what to think of our Leaders today, I'm sure there would be much laughter, but yet, much anger and tears at the enormous degeneration that Democrat Liberals have caused this Great Nation.

You see friends, there are still a few that understand the Greatness that America was, and what it could be like if it hadn't been for the disasterous minds of a few degenerates that caused this enormity of confusion within our society.

Make no mistake, friends, we've only touched the surface of the confusion that is to take place if a Democrat should gain our White House on November 11, 2008.

My take on this issue of a bill to "regulate greenhouse emissions", is that it is only more money-grubbing, power hungry greed to feed the political machine, it is SOCIALISM...Plain and simple. American taxpaying families will be working double-time for basically nothing, because all their expenditures will be for those who will lose jobs as a result of the decrease in the rate of production.

The point is, it's silly for the government to act as if they're taking the place of our Almighty Creator.

Well, the bible foretold of these kinds of things in the end times, God said He would send them strong delusion. The last days are here, folks! No doubt about it. Our government leaders are proof of that by themselves.

Don't be fooled, friends, "Global warming" is the LEAST of our worries.

God bless!

~ Jeremiah

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  1. Asked directly if he believes humans caused global warming, Huckabee says that while he is "not a scientist," he thinks "we ought to act as if that is the case. There is never a downside when it comes to conserving national resources."

    Why does someone who realizes that global warming is a big hoax support someone like Huckabee who thinks we should act as if humans are the cause of global warming?