Friday, December 14, 2007


Washington - -
From the men in the dugout to the man in the Oval Office, reaction to former Sen. George Mitchell's report on performance-enhancing substances in baseball has been both swift and intense.

The report – which documented widespread use of steroids and others drugs – may or may not force widespread changes in drug testing and other aspects of the game. But at the least, it now serves as the semi-official history of a shadowy side of America's pastime.

It would be a worthy goal to discontinue all steroid use all-together by making them illegal. Although steroids may deliver a sense of immense health to those who use them, it is a false sense of health and well-being. The overall long-term adverse affects far out-weigh the short-term mental boost affects. Those who become steroid addicts tend to develop a history of violent behavior, affecting the relationship with those whom socialize with and around them. Steroid usage also damages the user physically by weakening the immune system and run higher risks of developing cancer.

So, overall, I can understand the implications of one wanting to be the best they can be at their sport, but that's not what's important, at all. What is important is how they affect their life, and the lives of those around them; what's even worse is the example they present for future generations.

The answer to all this? We can be the best we can be, without destroying God's Temple!

Your take...

~ Jeremiah

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