Thursday, December 20, 2007


Horrifying is the only word for it! Colorado - 7-year old girl is murdered. Two teenage girls baby-sitting the 7-year old little girl, REPEATEDLY kicked, beat, and bodily slammed the little girl by imitating, get that? By imitating "Mortal Kombat" a video game. Until, finally police came and took the two Demon-possessed teenage girls into custody, and could spend the next 48 years in prison; which is clearly not long enough, these two girls should spend the rest of their teenage and adult lives in prison.

A few facts on video games, and the influence they have on the youth...

Exposure to violent games increases aggressive actions.
Studies measuring aggressive behaviors after playing violent video games (compared with behaviors displayed after playing non-violent games) have shown that violent games increase aggression. In one study of college students, students played either a violent or non-violent game. After playing this game, they were given a competitive reaction time task in which they played against another student. If they beat the other student, they got to deliver a loud "noise blast," and were able to control how loud and how long the noise blast would be. Students who had previously played the violent video game delivered longer noise blasts to their opponents (Anderson & Dill, 2000).

There is indeed a large amount of risk that plays into the puchase of video games, because the consequences far outweigh the benefits. I can understand parents that want something to keep their children occupied, and in a safe place while dads are at work, and mommies are trying to get some house-work done ... Those are largely the benefits ... But on the downside, do the parents ever think about what they are doing when they put their children in front of a TV screen and a game that doesn't just require passive observation, but active participation in the acts of violence and vulgarity being the perpetrator and the victim they are acting against.

As any child psychologist will tell you...most children are looking for a role model, someone to look up to, because when you're young, you don't have a lot of experience in the whole scheme of life's journey, and what life is truly all about, and so what we get in the video games, is an extremely poor role-model, because the video games are teaching the children to be hateful, hurtful, and mostly violent.

Bottom line: Parents should not be buying these games for their children, unless they are prepared to spend the time and energy to guide their children and explain to them the Evilness of the games.

The Video Producers don't care, folks, they're just out to grub some more of the Almighty $$$Buck$$$$$. You can see the cash floating around in the eyes. So yeah, the video producers care less about what they are teaching the children. They every-one need boycotted and thrown out of business.

Most importantly, the parents need to be teaching their children about the Word of God instead of these Satanic video games.


~ Jeremiah


  1. I don't know, but I believe the word of god has caused more deaths through crusades, jihads and religious wars than video games.

    Would you not agree?

  2. Anonymous,

    No doubt, there has, Islam is a dangerous ideology, but if you can't see the moral degeneration within our society, in AMERICA, or you just choose to ignore what is happening, then you not only do yourself a dis-favor, you show that you don't care for the young people, and the hate that is generated through the purchase and viewingg of these video games by a growing generation.

    So don't blind yourself to the reality of this present age.

    There's a verse that says this, paraphrasing - The sky is red in the evening, and you know the sun will shine, clouds fill the sky and you say, "a storm is coming", and it does. You hypocrites! You know how to interpret the signs of the sky, but you don't how to read the signs of this present age. Learn to judge for yourselves, what is right and what is wrong.'

    You want to help society? Teach and uplift your fellow man in the instruction of the Lord's teaching.

    God bless!

    ~ Jeremiah

  3. Anonymous,

    Upon further review of your comment, I overlooked that you wrote God's name with a small "g". You messed up big time there.

    I guess though you could reference to Satan with a small g, because he is the Prince of this world after all.

    But no, God's Word hasn't caused near the death and destruction that Islam and ideology has caused.

    God's Word uplifts and gives people and understanding of how to live their lives in a caring and in the generosity of Love.

    ~ Jeremiah

  4. Actually Jeremiah, what I think is that people like you, who are certain the truth is theirs exclusively, are those wo are dangeraous. Note that I referred you to the crusades, which were initiated by christians, not muslims. I could have cited the inquisition, which was not muslim either. There are also the european religious wars between catholics and protestants, which were long and bloody a few hundred years ago.

    As a matter of fact, I am an atheist, and I go so far as to disbelieve anything exists that is supernatural.
    However, I believe people of faith, whatever the faith, have caused and continue to cause more pain and suffering than, say, video games.

    In fact, your blog is even an example that renforces my opinion. Your messages on homosexuality are an incitation to hatred, and so are your views on islam.

  5. What a horrifying story. From what I have seen, Mortal Kombat is little more than a murder simulator which glorifies gore and desensitizes its callous fanbase to senseless violence (eg, ripping the spine out of your opponent).

    Ignore the trolls, Jeremiah, unless they entertain you. They flock to stories about video games, just as Paultards to to posts about Ron Paul. Try writing an article about anime sometime. Yikes!

    It goes with the territory.

  6. I am an atheist

    I sort of knew that was the case. No problem, certainly have the right to be under the law of man, but I don't think it will square too well with the Almighty. That's between you and Him.

    Note that I referred you to the crusades, which were initiated by christians

    Truthfully, if you've studied it, the Crusades and Inquisitions, were part of the tribunals carried out by the former Roman empire, in which Christians were emprisoned and enslaved for no other reason than they were Christians, Maxentius, the Roman emperor hated Christians and wanted to exterminate Christianity, just as the latest Hitler wanted to exterminate Jews, of course, he wanted to exterminate Chrisians as well, despite the bogus theory that he was a "Christian". Hitler was "Christian" in name only.

    The Crusades, however, were territorial battles so to speak in recapturing the Holy Land from Muslim intrusion.

    These were the "Dark Ages" and are what the Christian people sought to escape from. It wasn't until the late 1500s that their prayers were thankfully answered by the Grace of God. Here we are today!

    As far as the moral authority on truth? Anyone who born-again by the blood shed of Jesus Christ can proclaim the truth, and we have nothing to be afraid of by reaching to people of other faiths. You see, it's not something we can just sit back and hold all to ourselves; that would be selfish, and God cannot bless those who won't send His message forth, you see. For example, if I kept to myself, anyone who might to hear the message of Christ, such as yourself, might not have another opportunity hear the message if it weren't for those of us who greatfully share it with you beyond exceeding expectation.

    It is the Holy Spirit's work from here on out to deal with your heart as He sees fit.

    That's about all I can do...however, a word of caution, I would be careful about listening to the left-wing websites such as Daily Kos, they're an extreme example of hate site. Also, the left-wing talk show hosts such as Rosie O'donell and Oprah Winfrey.

    God bless.

    ~ Jeremiah

  7. Most importantly, the parents need to be teaching their children about the Word of God instead of these Satanic video games.

    More like parents need to be doing their jobs (ie: making smart decisions on what video games kids should be playing or what movies and tv shows to watch.)

  8. jeremiah ur a conceited moron, i would stake my life that your only a christian cos ur brought up like that by elitist parents, if you were told to be islamic you would likely be a terrorist.
    people like you defy belief, ur level of prejudice and stupidiy and smug belief that you alone are right is unrivalled.

    i pity you

    f*cking moron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and by the way im not atheist a close member of my family is a minister of a church.

    a satanist one obviously!