Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Watch out Rudy, here comes Huck!

From this morning's latest national poll...

A New national Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg Poll released a minute ago reveals that the Mike Huckabee phenomenon has exploded far beyond Iowa; the former Arkansas governor is now threatening the national lead of longtime Republican frontrunner Rudy Giuliani.

Now, what we're seeing here is more of the message of Mike Huckabee's Sincerety, not just what the voters want to hear, but what he believes is right in his heart ... which is what God would have one to do. Mike Huckabee isn't like Clinton... as she shifts on the changing of what voters are looking for here and she suspects/thinks voters are looking for there over at the Daily Kettle of Silliness!!!..on and on it goes.

No, Mike Huckabee sticks to what the Word of God says, and that's what people with a level head on their shoulders are looking for.

There's an interesting bit in this peice though, as Andrew Malcolm notes...

Among Republicans, national security is by far the top item, at 52%, with social issues second at 19% and both equally at 22%.

What we have to remember here, is that we're not looking at numbers that represent the vote of every single person going to the voting booth next fall on Election day. What they DO represent, is the fact that they understand that President George W. Bush has done a Grand Outstanding job of protecting the American people from Islamic Terrorism; and that they want somebody who will do the same things he's done to maintain the level of security that we have.

Listen folks, we can't thank our Honorable Commander in Chief President George W. Bush enough for His God-given talents. We should not only be grateful, but Thank God from the depths of our hearts for such a Courageous Leader! Amen? C'mon, show him some appreciatation and gratitude!!!!

Interestingly, Huckabee leads Giuliani slightly, 20% to 18%, when Republicans were asked which candidate says what he believes rather than what voters want to hear. Thompson gets 15%, McCain 13% and Romney 8%.

Again, Mike Huckabee is a man of his word, he's not only honest, but a Brother in Christ!!

Now this peice...

Fifty-two percent of Republican voters say Giuliani's pro-abortion stance makes no difference to them and 73% say they don't care if Romney is a Mormon.

It is disturbing to know that people would take Giuliani's stance on abortion so lightly, and quite possibly, Hopefully, the reason Mike Huckabee's numbers are on the rise. After the worst holocaust in World History, with nearly 50,000,000 million precious little babies mercilessly slaughtered, it's time to put a halt to these barbarians. We need somebody like Mike Huckabee as our President who will fight to protect the life of the innocent unborn, and I'm confident that Christians will see this the closer we get to Election day.

Get this, the bad news for last...

Results also provide bad general election news for any Republican candidate right now. Clinton beats Romney head-to-head, 47-39, and Giuliani, 46-42. Obama beats Romney 45-33 and Giuliani 44-39.

If this holds, then the people aren't as smart as I thought...

All the more reason we need Mike Huckabee as President, a man who can bring this Nation together. He's a Uniter!!!

Now, your turn ... Feel free to share your thoughts!

~ Jeremiah

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