Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Israel's Safety Concerns

President Bush arrives here Wednesday to propel forward the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. But Israeli leaders seem more interested in focusing on Iran's nuclear program.

Several senior Israeli officials, analysts, and military experts have been increasingly vocal about concerns that the recent National Intelligence Estimate report, which said Iran halted a secret nuclear arms program in 2003, takes the pressure off Iran and will spur them toward nuclear military capability.

If Israel wants to remain at peace as a Nation, or even more-so, remain an observable Nation on this planet earth, then they need to seriously consider disabling Iran's Nuclear facilities. This is a must, and the only way that Iran will be considered a non-threat to the world is if our Military be given sanctions to enforce a full shut down of the Iranian government. It would be task of Israel, but that the U.S. would be there to back Israel's Leaders when they make the decision to sieze Iran's Nuclear facilities. If the Iranian President resists? Then we show them what the U.S. is made of.

After the Nuclear material is siezed, it will then be disposed of or put into the hands of folks who don't pose a danger to the world.

The only diplomacy that will work, folks, a strict dead-line for halting of Nuclear programs. Diplomacy backed by force.

~ Jeremiah

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