Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Another Attempt By ACLU To Hand America's Freedom To The Enemy

Something all Americans should remember - September 11, 2001 ... at approximately 8:45 AM on that morning ... two planes were hijacked by terrorists ... were driven into two of the largest towers in New York City - The World Trade Center.

Before the planes struck:

The moment the planes struck:

After the planes struck:

Shortly after these brutal attacks, Security measures were taken to monitor phone calls coming in by suspected terrorists. A very worthy cause in my opinion, one that calls for every American's support.

This is what we get in return guised as true "Patriotism"...

The ACLU sued on behalf of itself, other lawyers, reporters and scholars, arguing that the program was illegal and that they had been forced to alter how they communicate with foreigners who were likely to have been targets of the wiretapping.

How's THAT for "patriotism"...???

How soon we forget, ladies and gentlemen ... or maybe ... just don't care.

It's really bizarre, how we can have a group in America that is supposedly fighting for the rights and safety of Americans and then they fight instead, on behalf of the terrorists. It is treason, folks, and the ACLU should not be representing anyone, they are the most anti-American organization in this country.

Thank goodness, the Courts made the right decision today, and denied the ACLU Leftwing the right to put America at risk again!

Never forget the great words of Ronald Reagan said, and whom I respect and admire very much: 'Freedom is never more than a generation away, it must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or we just might be spending our sunset years telling our granchildren what it was once like to be free in America.'

God bless America!



  1. Jeremiah

    Most of us DO remember. And the reminders that are constantly bandied about serve no purpose than to drum up fear.

    Needless fear,I might add.

  2. Yakki,

    Good ... then maybe you can wake the ACLU up, get right up in their ear and say WAKE UP! sleepy head. and while your at it, ask those anti-American sickos to stop trying to destroy our safety net.