Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Evolutionists Trying To Eliminate God From Public School

The Florida State Board of Education is getting ready, and is scheduled to vote on Florida's new education policy later today. In the new policy, will include 18 new ideas, but among the 18 new ideas, one of them is going to have perhaps the greatest; or maybe I should say, the most 'negative' impact on Education, if it passes. Evolutionists are demanding that evolution be taught as "fact," as the "fundamental concept underlying all of biology." In the process, blinding the children to the truth of their origination and true hope.

It's as if anything which contradicts and sheds any light on their theory is "false."

The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that parents all across the state have flooded the Board of Education's website denouncing the new science standard, some, even threatening to pull their children from the public school systems.

In response to the new science standard, State representative Marti Coley is drafting legislation that would require that evolution be taught as theory and theory only...and, maybe, hopefully, be able to make it so Creationism, or Intelligent Design could be taught side by side, as an alternative/choice to evolution.

Let's hope the good Christian people of Florida will come out in full force, today, and stand for what is right...stand for truth.

Pray for America!


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  1. Someone who believes a magical being will take him and a percentage of the world population to a fairyland place and destroy the world 7 years later is not qualified to talk about science, Jeremiah.

  2. French Student,

    Porverbs 22:12 says it all.

    The eyes of the Lord preserve knowledge, But He overthrows the words of the Faithless.

    and destroy the world 7 years later

    I'm not sure where you get "seven" years from...? When Christ comes again, that's it, it's going to be the end, and if we believe, this is what He says...in 2 Corinthians 5:1

    For we know that if our earthly house, this tent, is destroyed, we have a building from God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.


  3. As I said, this qualifies you (or could, I am the first to admit I am not qualified to tell) in theology, not science.

  4. French Student,

    God is Science....He is the Science, behind Science...


  5. French Student:
    An admirable try but, as you can plainly see, logic has no place here. They will continue to believe their nonsense regardless. By the way, I whole heartedly concur that evolution should be taught as a theory, because that's precisely what it is. A theory , in the sense of the scientific method, means something like a framework into which all the facts are placed so they can support one another. You, Jeremiah, seem to have this confused with the laymens definition of theory, which is more like a hypothesis. I don't know why I felt like explaining this, since it won't make the tiniest bit of difference in your denial of objective reality, but I feel better for writing it. nonetheless.

  6. I have my own religious beliefs.

    However,I do NOT accept that we were riding dinosaurs,or believe in a 6000 year old planet.

    That,frankly,is rediculous.

  7. Well,let's see:

    "Some of the educators who helped devise Florida's new science standards said Saturday that they object to a last-minute alternative put together by the state Department of Education, which would insert "the scientific theory of" before the word evolution."

    Well,I can understand their thoughts here,as evolution is no longer a theory. It's an accepted,established fact that the entire world (but for a small group of holdouts) recognizes.

    I accept evolution as such,and find it has no bearing upon my religious beliefs. Nor should it yours,honestly. If "God is science",he is responsibile for evolution,no?


  8. yakki,

    The world can believe what they want, but I will continue to base my beliefs on that which gives me a hope beyond all doubt. There's only One who can do that, Sir.

    The explanation for my beliefs is found in the book of Romans 1:20 - 'For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse.'

    And there's something you have to remember, these scientists who believe in this evolution garbage, how do they explain death?

    If what the scientists mean by "evolution" as the growth process, that's the way God set everything in place in the beginning, friend. So, no need to go on a big tirade trying to describe the growth process, it means what it says, 'Growing.' Good thing he put limits in place, or we would have done eat ourselves out of house and home. We would have never stopped changing.LOL!

    There's so much that man doesn't know about the human body, they'll never know everything, never. They can explain away, but it won't do them any good, they'll die, be forgotten, go to a devil's hell, and no one will know a thing until Jesus returns. That's what you have to remember, friend.

    Put your reliance in what the Word of God says, friend, not in some phoney garbage that the scientists are saying.


  9. Jeremiah

    Then I suppose if you ever get cancer or any other life-threatening disease you will refuse medical treatment and put your faith in your god and in prayer therapy?

    I mean, since you do not trust science, why take the flu shots every year? It is not as if the flu virus evolved, after all...

    And you should also forgo computers, while you are at it.

  10. French Student,

    I've never taken a flu shot, so why would I need one now? The flu is a virus, no cure for it. Just small prevention...wash your hands.

    It may get me one of these days though, when I'm old and feeble.

    That's what sin done, it affected everything.

    So, yes, I'll just stick to faith, that God will watch over me, and give me His healing touch should I get sick.


    Thanks for asking though.


  11. "The world can believe what they want, but I will continue to base my beliefs on that which gives me a hope beyond all doubt. There's only One who can do that, Sir."

    I have never tried to make the case that your personal beliefs are somehow invalid because everyone doesn't share them. All I am saying is that the reverse also applies to you,under the law of our Constitution.

    That said,no one man's beliefs are the standard with which we as a nation align ourselves. Whether any enjoys this simple fact or not,we are a nation of concensus.

    Society dictates what is legal or illegal. And for a truly free society,that is how it should be IMO. Forcing nothing on any citizen,insofar as it does no harm to their fellow citizens. Of course,a possible rebuttle to this is the "spiritual harm",but again that is not recognizable under law.

  12. BTW,how does one explain death?

    It's the ending of life function,simply put.

    Now,whether there is something after death,has not been quantified by science. It is,at this moment,in the realm of speculation so I really don't see why you think they have no explanation for death.

    Sorry for the double posts BTW. I forgot to address that question.

  13. Yakki,

    That said,no one man's beliefs are the standard with which we as a nation align ourselves. Whether any enjoys this simple fact or not,we are a nation of concensus.


    What right has the state to administer an oath to witnesses and jurors or civil officers, or to punish the crime of perjury, if it has no right to teach the moral and religious ideas bound up in the divine ordinance of the oath?

    and to translate your aforesaid statement, I would make the case...

    You can make it sound simple, through the common misconception that we as a Nation, have no standards as the failed philosophies would imply a greater empahsis on personal liberties as administered by the State; now notice that, 'BY the State' not at their own free will and accord - Therefore, Secularism... imposing Secular laws into play, and giving more power to those of unjust and criminal mindset - such as the ACLU activists ruling from the bench.

    A society will not stand with this kind of impartiality being imposed on the whole of America. You can choose to ignore the moral basis for which the Constitution and all other documents from which it stems; but you will only succeed in plundering every last shred of free and prosperous society that is left to your benefit of the doubt, and you will go with it.

    You're preaching a false freedom, friend, and I ain't buyin' it.

    Good day.