Monday, February 18, 2008

The Tax Man Cometh!!!!!!

Senator Obama said today, "We have nothing to fear, but fear itself.' Pretty funny coming from a man who wishes to impose a tax increase on America by 39.6% income taxation on all small business owners on up the scale, and likewise, his running rival, Hillary Rodham Clinton; whose plan of "free" universal healthcare would increase taxes by the same margins, maybe even higher. Small business owners would not be able to adjust to the drastic increase ... in effect, having to forfeit reasonable wages to their hired hands, and giving opportunities to those of illegal status by underbidding for those same jobs, and being paid "under-the-table" wages.

This would feed a boost to the Super-Rich elite of the Democratic party, with all three branches of government being in control - Hunt's Ketchup owned by John Kerry as he inhereted through his wife, comes to mind.

This is the Robin Hood mentality that is characteristic of the Left: Take from the Rich and give to the poor.

Debt would be forced by demanding that the poor seek out more government subsidies, giving more and more and more power to the State to run our lives. This tax increase would encourage local governments everywhere, to increase taxes, which would place more burdens on those that are already overtaxed in the small business sector of the country - Communism.

Government control at it's finest. So, I think we DO ... have something to fear, and it is Mr. Obama himself. Mr. Obama can keep touting his rhetoric, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself." Let me tell you, folks, fear can save you a lot of heartache, and the only way to avoid that, is to listen to what your conscience tells you, which tells us that Mr. Obama is dangerous.

The Boston Tea Party on its way...

Your thoughts...


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  1. Rite on Jeremiah ..couldn't have said it better myself

  2. Actually,tax is good in this case.

    Otherwise we'll continue to borrow hand over fist from China to keep dishing out tax cuts.

    The country is bankrupting as we watch.

  3. In Mr. Obama's case, it means debt across the board, don't be ridiculous, yakki.


  4. How does it mean debt across the board Jeremiah?

    We have debt across the board already. The country is in debt to the tune of 9 trillion dollars at the moment.

    There's nothing rediculous about that. It's sad.

    But,how do you propose we pay down this debt? Do you consider continuing to borrow from red China as a viable plan? Or would you rather the tax cuts be reversed,we move our troops back to hunting Osama Bin Laden,and start paying our bill?

    Or should we jsut adopt a "What,me worry?" attitude and posture,close our eyes and wish it all away?

    It hasn't worked so far sir.

  5. How does it mean debt across the board Jeremiah?

    You'll find out soon enough, Yakki.

    With 52% of the whole population dependent on the government now, that number will increase so that the other 48% will be dependent also. Zero freedom.

    Then ... The war is on.

    People can't handle them kinds of taxes, son. You need to get your head out of the gutter.


  6. I can see the 52%,if you mean those dependent on corporate welfare.

    Otherwise,we do not have the unemployed numbers to back that up.

    And honestly,I'm not sure what my age has to do with anything,nor why you are even trying to use that as some sort of point. I'm 35,married for 15 years,have one son,own my own home,my automobiles,my own firearms,etc...

    I do believe that as a US citizen,my points are valid. Please make a salient counterpoint and get your head out of the age-defined feeding trough,please.


  7. I do believe that as a US citizen,my points are valid.


    Yes, your points are valid as to the discussion. But they have zero validity so far as the facts are concerned. When the Liberalism has left you, you may commence further discussion.