Thursday, February 21, 2008

Indiana Creationist Seeks To Run For Office

Paul Abramson, Republican, and founder of Creationism.Org seeks to challenge Democratic Congressman Brad Ellsworth in the 2008 election.

As Paul notes, the "good guys" just aren't winning the Culture War in today's modern society. Too many organizations like the ACLU, I call them the Anti-Christian Lawyers Union, are advocating on the side of the Secular Left in America to remove God from our money, from our public places, the Ten Commandments from our Court houses, and especially our schools and universitites. Very Left-Liberal-Socialist leaning teachers have made it a point to thoroughly brainwash students with the Feminist, Homosexual, and Socialist agenda. With the classroom, comes the next generation; as each school year passes and these students are released into the real world, the more our society is poisoned with Liberalism and its disasterous effects.
With many of today's colleges we find 'preferential admission policies' on the basis of race, which is another of today's flawful thinking on behalf of our colleges, if a white male does not get into Yale because of his race, he does not get into Yale forever, and chances are, he forever does not get into Harvord, Stanford, etc., Or, if he does, then some other white male gets left out. The damage done to the individual is permanent, not transitional. Differential treatment is becoming and ever increasing problem with today's Educational system, and unless it is changed so that students can enroll for a college education on a non-discriminational basis, America will be doomed to the ash-heap of history as Europe and so many others have. Diversity was a great thing back in the early to middle 1900s, until the last 20 years, diversity meant diversity of job and profession, but it has now been taken advantage of by the Secular "Progressive." Or Liberal-Democrats of America. How so? As just discussed, diversity now means preferential treatment, toward young and old, and it is a consistenly shown a trend toward deviant nature away from moral standards, just to give you an example, in 1973 it was made legal to murder, little children in the womb, since that year, more than 50,000,000 children have been mercilessly murdered purely for convenience. With the elderly, the Left-Liberal agenda is coming ever closer to enacting assisted suicide to their agenda. Our justice system is might remember 1994, O.J. Simpson committed murder, and escaped a prison sentence. From 1960 to 1980 crime doubled from 1,900 per 100,000 people; to 6,000. After a brief decline, it started rising again, and reached 5,700 by 1992. This is the type of change that has occurred for these past 50 years.

Can we turn the tide back? We sure can. If we will put our selfish-pride out of the way, and vote God-fearing men into office like Paul Abramson.

God bless!


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