Friday, February 8, 2008

McCain Keeping Faith on Own Terms

New York -
John McCain does not believe in destiny. God, he says, gives us life, shows us how to use it, and leaves it to us to carry out as we choose.

I take particular issue with McCain's presumptuousness that, even though God gives us life, and shows us how to use it, that we can carry it out as we choose. In other words, McCain doesn't believe in the saving grace of Jesus Christ, God's One and Only Son, who died to set us free. He believes in as a larger percentage do, that we can ask for forgiveness and then go on living how we want too. I disagree. Totally.
McCain proves this through his agenda. Which you can read in former posts that I've written...and is why, Dr. Dobson has refused to endorse him, and will likewise choose not to vote for him.

God gives us life, but that doesn't mean we are free to use it, to do to others as we please - if that use of our life goes into conflict with God's Law, then He says it is sin, and therefore, is unacceptable in His sight.

In other words, the senior senator from Arizona does not believe that in surviving the ordeal of 5-1/2 years as a prisoner of war in North Vietnam, including torture and extended periods of isolation, he has somehow been tapped by God to become the next president of the United States.

Being a prisoner of war and living to tell about it, was God's way of giving Mr. McCain a chance to draw closer to Him, and use His life-story as a witness for the uplifting of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and how God's grace is sufficient to set the captives free. Has Mr. McCain chosen God's Will over his own? Apparently not, or he would have came out a much more grateful person, for the sacrifice he gave for this country. Instead, he has used it to lift himself up in a prideful manner, and hardening his heart, much like Pharoah.

But Senator McCain, now in the thick of his second run for the Republican presidential nomination, does believe that he is still alive for a purpose.

God can still use McCain, if he'll let Him ... If not? Then it will come to no avail...and you have to remember, even though people refuse to uplift God, God still gets all the whichever means He chooses.

"There is no logical reason for me to be on earth, if you look at my life, so I should spend this time trying to serve a cause greater than myself," says McCain in a Monitor interview.

In order to serve appropriately, the service must come from the Throne of Grace, boldly proclaiming it all the way. That's the only way we can serve a cause greater than ourselves!

How his Presidency turns out is anyone's guess, but given the reality of things, will ultimately be decided upon by which way he chooses to govern his opportunities as President - His or God's ways...


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