Friday, February 22, 2008

Turning The Tide

We've come to a time in our nation that we must think with all seriousness as to where our nation has come and where it is headed. I hear so much, not just on the national news media but from friends and colleagues of the situation we are now facing in America. And to be quite honest, it’s very disturbing. We seem to be in a conflict with the left and the right, the socialized thinkers and the conservative minded.

We have our political pundits calling for change and we have voters from one end of our shore to the other thinking, "Oh yes, we need change", not realizing and understanding the vapor of the speech and the void created by such mindless rhetoric.

We have more people concerned about having two cars in the garage and High Definition TVs in every room than we are about who is being placed on our United States Supreme Court. Americans have an opinion about everything they know which seems to be very little when it boils down to the facts and figures. Instead of listening to common sense and sound judgment on the Economy, The War, The Environment, they want to put every breath and every illogical words on such issues facing America but when faced with true reality, for instance; moral issues that will affect this nation for decades to come they cover their eyes, they put their heads down, they hide their heads in the sand, and say "Oh don't talk about that, don't mix government with religion, etc."

So the predicament that's facing America is the real issue that so plagued many nations before us, and it was their eternal downfall which many never recovered.
We now have politicians spending billions on pork projects "ask the king of pork, Mr. Byrd, and Mr. Murtha," And we the American people sit back and say to ourselves, "well if they don't get it for their districts someone else will", how foolish and harming to a nation that's riddled in debt and facing many, many problems abroad as well as internal.

We have politicians who want a "robin hood" style of charity, and this my friend will drive us even deeper and deeper into debt, frustration, and finally despair., and mind you that's only a few of the issues.

The major and I think most important issue facing America is the areas of Morality, Home Issues and I saved the "Most Important Issue for last"., our Judeo Christian Concepts and beliefs that founded and sustained this great country from its inception and has guided and led our forefathers through great peril, through bloody wars, through natural disasters, and personal conflicts.

So where do we go from here you ask? One thing is for certain and I must say it is for those who claim this very last issue I noted and that is for us to stand for the Judeo Christian Faith, Pray for our leaders, and stand when adversity seems to be crumbling our very strengths and accomplishments.

Many are against our Judeo Christian foundation and would love to see our nation rid itself of the Commandments, Rid our nation of All Sacred Monuments, Sacred Words embedded from tombstones in the rural neighborhoods to our once sacred halls of Congress, We have organizations like the ACLU, The NAMBLA, the NOW, and some other organizations on the rise and marching to their own proclaimed ideologies. But we as an American people must turn back to the foundational beliefs, and begin to take courage and heart and I think most importantly stand for the truth, not dismissing the fallacies of these groups, but stand for what's right in the midst of their pursuits of bringing our nation further from this Judeo Christian Belief.

Many will say, "You're mad and contain your beliefs in a box, and other ridiculous statements that would defer and diminish the realities we now face. We must stand "against their anger and resentment, we must voice our opinions loud and strong but most of all we must show others that we stand for what is Right and what is Truth and we know that shall prevail in the end.

We wonder why our children are in dismay and bewildered and don't know between right and wrong, Well its because many parents don't know between the two themselves and they have failed in the home life by not teaching and taking the time to sit and show their love, their devotion and the moral attributes that hold the family "male to female" together. We live in a society that has become rampantly angered but yet want to blame the government on their own demise and their own stinging predicaments.

We have politicians that blame the "man living under the bridge" on the Commander in Chief and then make off the wall statements on the woes of our nation. How shameful that even our own "so called" leaders can't see beyond their own noses on these related issues that so plague our society.

We have political leaders that run rampant in our nation’s course and subject their own ideas and agendas beyond each other, especially in the time of war. So these same leaders are going to foreign lands meeting behind closed doors with those we suspiciously suspect of aiding and abetting, and I remind you it’s against our own national policy and general rule. How utterly shameful for those who think in this regard and push these actions upon others thereby bringing our own people under threat and our men and women who tirelessly stand tall and bold in the midst of the battle.

Yes on a final note, we are in the midst of battles, and these are battles of great fortitude and can only be won by the faithfulness of those who want freedom, those who love the democracy and those who want to be free and most if not the most important those who want America to win. If you don't want these final things, then continue to cover your eyes, bury your head in the sands, and ignore the truth, but it only allows the problems to approach with more intensity and greater reality.

God bless America and May He Have Mercy on us all. For it’s only ‘The Truth,’ that shall set us free". (Cross posted at Conservatives For Christ)


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  1. If you are wondering why people won't quit fighting... look in the mirror. Look at your first sentence where you generalize and draw a line between "socialized thinkers" and conservative minded.

    By your definition, (and thanks to your example) I am far, far from being a conservative minded person. But I am hardly a socialist.

    Doesn't matter... your opinion means jack squat in the scheme of things. When you're burning in hell, you'll have plenty of time to atone for your anti-Christian lifestyle of judging others, sewing your partisan discord amongst the brethren and hating thy neighbor. You deserve the fate you have created. Satan has a foothold in your life, and you need to clean up your own life before casting such aspersions on others.

  2. crallspace,

    Well, I'm not perfect, but I'll say this ... I'm not about to give up because someone thinks that the government has a right tell me my rights. If all mankind had to depend on was the government for His needs, this Nation would have perished long ago, and it is rightly the people who will decide the future of this Nation. However, right now, the battle lines are drawn between those of your ideology, who fight to further your agendas of hate and hate crime laws, and then there are those of us who are fighting to keep the government headed in the right direction.

    Unless believers take a stand, this Nation is headed surely for destruction.

    So, my adversary is this world, and the evil ones' who partake of these worldly things. The only thing I can do is shed some light on their situation as is found in the book of Matthew 5:13-16 - You are the slat of the earth; but if the slat loses its flavor, how shall it be seasoned? It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men. You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.'

    My opinions may not mean "squat" to you, but there is One who does care, and He will be the Judge. Therefore...

    'Hell hath no fury.'


  3. If there is a line between those who will fight for the rights of "the least amongst the brethren" (i.e. hate crime laws) and those who don't care that people are being attacked and oppressed based on their sexual orientation, race, religion, etc., I am glad to be on the right side.

    If you are trying to be the salt of the earth or a beacon on a hill, perhaps downing hate crime legislation is not the way to go. Just like if there were people attacking you because you are a Christian, I would hope that they would receive a punishment to fit the crime. If it took hate crime legislation and they served an extra 10 years, so be it.

    Try empathy some time, Jeremiah. Try a Christ-like attitude before quoting all kinds of scripture. This modern day Pharisee-ism is anything but impressive.

  4. If you are trying to be the salt of the earth or a beacon on a hill, perhaps downing hate crime legislation is not the way to go.

    If that "hate-crimes" legislation means that pastors and ministers of the gospel are going to be put in prison simply for preaching out against the sin of homosexuality, and thereby giving militant homosexual groups the right to attack Christians simply for sharing the gospel to them, then I don't want it. We are a Nation founded on the Christianity, and any other thing which would lead to the cutting off of our Christian roots the it could be understandably said that our governemt and whole way of life would be weakened to the point of no return. Civility came through Christianity and God's Laws, every law that is written into U.S. Law was based upon the Ten Commandments and Jesus fulfillment of those laws. Jesus said - 'I came not to abolish the law, but to fulfill it.' 'No one jot or tittle will by no means pass away until all is fulfilled.' And as time passes, the wheat will be seperated from the chaff, in a way that would bring good to the citizenry who abide by Commandments set forth in His Word.

    Therefore, Civil government rests on the Inspired written Word of God.