Friday, February 22, 2008

Money Speaks Louder Than Innocent Life

As Troy Newman points out in this article, covered by One News Now - a division of Family News Network, 'money speaks louder than Innocent Life.' A tragic mistake on the part of the doctors and their fallacious disregard for life; and those who become victims of their barbaric practice.

The Supreme Court blocked a subpoena ordered by the attorney general into the case involving George Tiller of Kansas and the illegal late-term abortions that he's committed. A grand jury is trying to gather information -- such as through patient records and other information in order that a prosecution may take place. Troy Newman says that there are two major problems with the state, "Number one, you have huge amounts of abortion money that's been funding politicians for a very long time -- and that is stalling the [Kansas] Supreme Court from acting," he points out. "[It's preventing] the attorney general and the district attorney from actually getting to the bottom of this case.

"Secondly, I believe ... there's a huge spiritual dilemma all across the nation when it comes to the issue of child sacrifice". As he further points out...

'Christians need to storm the gates of heaven with our prayers and break through this logjam so that we can see the lives of these babies spared once and for all.'

Amen! Mr. Newman, Amen!

If you, my readers, have been wondering why I post so much on abortion ... Well, it's just for the simple reason that ... abortion, to me, as it is for many others, is one of, if not the single most major moral problem we have in America. This murderous ideology is what we find in the left-wing of our Congress, our own leaders are defending this barbarism. Very, very, sick people.

The sole priority of a doctor and his profession is to treat and save life, not destroy it.

So, as Mr. Newman has said, let's lift up our hearts to God, and ask that He would help us to see the lives of these children spared for the good of the Soul of our Nation.


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