Monday, March 31, 2008

African-American Civil Rights Ministers Advocate Division

Black Pastor and author BishopE.W. Jackson says many African-American civil rights leaders promote anti-Biblical ideas like those espoused by Senator Barack Obama's former pastor.

So true, and fortunately, for a population of Americans greater than 300,000,000 people; could this awareness come at a time when our Nation faced with so many threats from abroad, and equally from within, with a man running for the Presidency whose ideals would not benefit the safety and well-being of the overall majority of Americans.

As Pastor Jackson points out, most Leaders and Ministers do not promote the same agenda and views as Obama's pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, but there are many civil-rights leaders who do, and while this may captivate many to be motivated towards the same views as these preachers, the sad reality of the matter is, that the likes of those who advocate on a basis of militant racist line, they are mis-leading their followers. As pastor Jackson points out further, these ministers are in for a big surprise when they find out that the color of your skin matters not to God, and is not the key to Salvation, and without a doubt...will not get you to heaven.

Friends, I believe that there is more at stake in this election than ever before in we see our Nation is such disarray, with the virtual Sodomization of every area in our Nation, with over 50,000,000 unborn children having been slaughtered in the name of Self and Greed, with Divorce at all time highs, with our economy almost at a stand-still, which, in essence, is a direct result of people not serving the Lord the way they should, therefore, creating poverty as never before, with the threat of Islam looming on the horizon, with Murder on a daily basis as never seen before.

I can understand that there is a lot of speculation out there among my Christian brothers and sisters about this years election, and that the choices for whom we have to choose from is very slim pickings, at best...but I believe that if we are to save our Nation, we are to be responsible to God for what He's given to us, and in order to please Him we must show that we are attentive to His calling and make an effort to vote this coming election 2008.

One can vote for whomever one so chooses, that's one of the basic freedoms that we were afforded by our Founding Fathers, and the State of this great Nation is based in how America ultimately will succeed in the future is dependent on our willingness to acknowledge 'Right from Wrong', which is the ability of our conscience which God has blessed every consenting adult with, depending upon how those before them have lead, which is another of our responsibilities to God, is teaching our young people in the way that they should go, not straying from the Truth. What is truth? God' Holy and Righteous Word.

Whomever you choose to be your leader, this coming November 11, just remember, the two Democratic candidates, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are for Pro-Abortion (Murder) rights, and radical special rights for homosexuals.


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