Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Man Is Dangerous!!!


If for any other reason we need to keep Barack Hussein Obama out of the White House, it is for this one very reason alone - He is a pro-murder fanatic!!!!! A Sodomite rights activist as well!!!

That the black lawmakers of Washington cannot see the number one killer of their own children is OUTRAGEOUS!!!!! Abortion kills more black children than any other cause!!! That's what the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger's agenda was comprised of...the deliberate targeting of the black race....AND WE HAVE LAWMAKERS AND CITIZENS OF EVERY STRIPE AND COLOR SUPPORTING IT??????

Where is your DECENCY America? Where is your COMPASSION? Where is your KINDNESS?



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  1. Dear Jeremiah,

    I think that its well past time for you to quit harping about Obama and start asking your doctor if Zoloft is right for you. You sound like a kid who has ADD.

    Take care, my son.


    P.S. I don't usually get involved in political affairs, but must say, I'm beginning to like this Obama fellow.....

  2. JC,

    Thanks. But I'm afraid the Obamanation is the person who needs his head examined. Likewise, for anyone who would support him is more insane than he is.

    I'd also like to note, and please pay attention here - If you wish to continue participating at this site, you need to think about changing your nic. I don't mind you commenting, but I do not and will not tolerate commenters who defame the name of my Lord, and anyone who does will have their comments deleted. Just a fair warning. Understood?



  3. He supports sodomy. anal sex.. so? What's the big deal? God loves you and he loves gay people too, and also straight people who like anal sex. God made bums and he made penises. It's time to not vote republican. You've tried that already. It brought Bush. The number one search result for "pro bush" leads to an extremely immature website. Please, America, for the good of humanity, please vote obama.

  4. Jeremiah,
    If you wish to spread the word of God, please speak in love not hate. Speak with compassion and you will reach those who have compassion. Speak in hate and you speak the language of satan. If you feel Obama is a lost lamb in our flock, pray for him, do not slander him. If you feel Obama to be living in sin, know that you also live in sin by casting stones. It is not on you to judge, it is on the Lord. God bless, peace, have a wonderful day.

  5. Anonymous (3rd comment),

    He supports sodomy. anal sex.. so?

    God says that Sodomy is sin in His Word, and that if we commit it, or support it, that that person is going to hell. When God says it's sin, it is sin. It's your choice.

    Yes, God loves everyone, and all that He asks is that you serve Him, not just in word, but in deed. He sent His Only and Only Son Jesus to provide the way, by dying for our sins, and then we are to use His perfect example in our own lives.

    Anonymous (comment 4th comment),

    I love and appreciate everyone, I like all people. Which is what Christ taught us that we should do, as are my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ are. You can tell the difference in the world's message, and what your brothers and sisters in Christ deliver in their message.

    As a Christian, all life to me is precious, and should be protected, by affording kindness and hope for their little lives as opposed to mercilessly slaughtering them.

    Unfortunately, to Obama, life is of little or no worth, intrinsic worth, as he believes that a woman should have the "right" to murder whether consciencely knowing, or un-consciencely usually because they were taught that murdering their child is "ok", and that, if they don't want to have children, but still indulge in sexual activity that acts of sexual perversion is the "better" was mentioned and advocated by you or some other anonymous commenter in comment #3.

    It wouldn't be such a big deal if Obama stood for some moral principles about him, but as it stands, he's only shown hypocrisy by lying to his voters about his record, when he is proven to have a strict record of pro-murder, pro-sodomite agenda.

    Therefore, he is a danger to this country, America!

    I hope that he will some day come to know Jesus Christ as His personal Lord and Savior.


  6. You call a sitting Senator a "pro-murder fanatic" in screeching bold-face fonts, and you expect to be taken seriously?

    That he advocates that women have and deserve to have control/responsibility for their own bodies, I applaud Obama.

    That he insists our young people need to be taught responsibility and a frank and honest sex-ed curriculum rather than a stark abstinence-or-nothing choice, I agree with Obama; for the alternative is more of the abortions you claim to abhor and more unwanted children foisted on the societal system, largely to parents far too young to nurture them as they deserve.

    You say life is of little or no worth to Obama? He has two young daughters. Do you suggest he would toss them into a wood chipper without a care in the world? For shame, sir, for shame.

    Look beyond your own petty prejudices, before criticizing those who address a wider world than your own shallowness perceives.

    Also, "consciencely" is not a word.

  7. Anonymous,

    That Obama is a Senator is not worth two hills of beans, until he's had the experience and knowledge necessary to make the right decisions in the end...right decisions are only possible when any person in a position of leadership shows that they are willing to acknowledge that we are accountable to a Higher Authority.

    Obama makes himself out to be a real hypocrite when he has raised two daughters, but then advocates that "others" do just the opposite if they so "choose".How utterly Shameful!

    To be a professing Christian, he sure doesn't put it into thought or deed, he has only made a mockery of Our Lord Jesus Christ!

    The most humane and gentle paths of life we can take in all life, is that of Our Lord, which writes on our hearts the only genuine and moral Constitution, whether personally, Nationally, or World-Wide! He molds the people and Nations. If only they will strive to serve Him!

    Barack Obama needs Salvation!


  8. If republicans had any desire to stop abortion, it would have been done in the last 7 years. Republicans had almost complete control of the administration for years, and did nothing.

    Republicans feed on your hatred and fears. What about showing some compassion and love for your fellow humans and not worrying so much about their life decisions? God will call them to account, according to the Bible. You will be held to account for supporting an administration that tramples the downtrodden further into the dust and spits on the poor while sucking on the teats of the wealthy.

  9. brother sun,

    Republicans can't do it on their own, that's for sure, but one other thing that is for sure...Christian Conservatives in Washingtion like Same Brownback, and many other Christian Conservatives just like him around the country in positions of leadership are the only ones who have tried to stand for morals. Standing for traditional values, as do some Democrats, but a very few at that.

    True, there are some Republicans who've been caught in corruption, but when they're caught, they're villified to the hilt and then thrown out. Now, when it comes to legislating values, who is it that accepts murder and wants to legislate it? Who celebrates sodomy and thinks that Sodomites should be allowed to marry? That thinks Traditional Marriage should be destroyed? Who thinks that Christians should be prosecuted for preaching against sin?
    Who thinks America wasn't founded by Christians on the Christian religion?
    Who thinks we should eliminate the death penalty, and build more and more prisons, filling them to the brim?
    Who thinks we should raise taxes breaking the backs of the working middle class to pay for "free" health care plans? Slavery anyone...
    Who thinks that Socialism is the better way?
    Who thinks that Christianity should be removed from our schools and Islam allowed to come in and take over?
    Who thinks that Christianity as a whole should be criminalized?
    Who thinks America is the problem and government the solution?

    Need I go on?