Sunday, March 30, 2008

Obama Has Some Ground To Plow

There's certainly not much more that can be said about Obama's standings for the position of President of the United States of America. He's used his opportunities to try and give the American people ideas about him that he considers "hope."

What's interesting to note, is that he found little opposition to his campaign's expedient message of "hope" driven home with every speech at the onset of his campaign. Likewise, many found it pleasant to their ears without the slightest notion of forethought into this rogue of a man, given more to hypocrisy than to honesty.

When Obama's pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright who pastored for the Trinity United Church of Christ, entered the scene, a whole new set of circumstances came into play for Obama's campaigning future. Obama had testified that he was a member of Wright's church for the better part of 20 years, during which time, Rev. Wright hurled many racial epithets against white people; for example - accusing our government, as he put it, "controlled by rich white people" was "responsible" for the epidemic of the AIDS virus.

After a review of these matters, Obama was given the opportunity to comment about some of the racist remarks by his pastor, and gave a speech held at the Constitution Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

He first began with trying to explain away the issue of slavery which was ended long, long ago, through the blood of many a Christian.
His initial message was comprised of his reasons for becoming President, as a black man, or semi-black man whose father is a Muslim Kenyan, and a White Atheist mother.
Mostly, he was drawn into what I would call, a story of 'victimhood' which in essence, and at it's height, is a plea to the people for a means to give totalitarian power to the black community through him.

Well known, and idolistic components of Obama's plea are characterized as hypocrisy of the highest order when considering the instrumental way in which he used his pastor as a known racist, and knowing full well that Rev. Wright had spoken sermons of hatred and giving a lifetime acheivment award to the likes of Lewis Farrakhan who has uttered some of the more notoriously penetrating hurtful remarks of racism, whom, by the way, is the acting head for the Islamic community in America, so that should be no surprise.

I think for Obama to remain in close conjunction with his pastor on these matters only shows that he's going to remain a part of the racist community, but will distance himself in a way that would try to excuse his pastor of the hate speech that he's given in his sermons, like when he said this at his speech in Philadelphia - "I can't disown him anymore than I can disown the black community, I can't disown him anymore than I can disown my own mother." See? He embraces his pastor's hateful remarks.

One can be drawn into his trap of words if they so choose, but showing indifference to Obama because he's willing to embrace such bigotry only proves that one is willing to nullify what America stands for and all that our ForeFathers fought and died for to give to the African-American community and white community alike, of every Nationality.

At this point, I think it's going to take a few more years of experience; plowing political ground, and most importantly; gaining a personal relationship with Jesus Christ before Barack Obama can be considered a man 'fit' for the title of POTUS.


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