Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sodomite Hate Campaign Against Oklahoma Lawmaker

Conservative groups are rushing to the defense of an Oklahoma lawmaker who has been branded a "gay basher" for decrying the homosexual lifestyle.

When we shed some light on the dark and deviant lifestyles of those who celebrate sin and all the wicked, evil deeds that go with it, we can see the effects. So it is with this Oklahoma State Representative who has spoken out in order to share some hope with those who are lost and dying in the sin of Sodomy.

Although Mrs. Kern's comments are truth, she has been labeled a "gay basher" from the Sodomite community, and has received hundreds of hate mails, even death threats.

The problem of militant homosexuals is becoming an ever-increasing one. They are working in close ties with the ACLU to try and take control of free speech, such as-It's ok for me to hate you, and talk hateful to you, but you can't share the Bible with me, disagree with my lifestyle, or utter Jesus's name, I won't allow it. See? They are Evil, and when they are shown the light, such as Mrs. Kern's has shown them, then the demons come out of them through hate and physical threats of violence; and the ACLU and other anti-America, anti-Christian, anti-Moral institutions are defending and pushing this militant homosexual lifestyle that threatens America's very civilization for all times to come.

Once society as a whole loses their conscience of common custom, or Tradition, as in the case of the Traditional bonds of marriage, and Liberal revisionists change the true meaning of marriage, for example - "Allow me to introduce my temporary sexual partner, Jill" seems different from, "Allow me to introduce my wife, Jill," then we are in danger, and society is on it's way out! We are in danger of God's Mighty and Righteous Judgment, as He did not intend for two people of the same-sex to have sexual relations and likewise - be joined in marriage, for it is not marriage - Sodomy is the defilement of ones body but not only that, it is the self-condemnation of one's own soul to the fires of Hell.

If the Bible calls it 'SIN' ... It is sin ... and we're not supposed to do it! I mean ... Man's attraction to the opposite sex is pretty simple, pretty common sense, it's the way God Created and intended for us to be ... 'Be fruitful, and multiply upon the earth.' That's why God made ONE Man and ONE Woman!

In the meantime ... Let's keep Mrs. Kern's in our prayers, that people will continue to come to her aide and stand up for what's right, stand up for Biblical Truth!


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