Saturday, March 29, 2008

Good News In Washington State

A 9th Circuit Judge has ruled to allow a monument of the Ten Commandments to remain on display in a northwest Washington city. The case involved Card v. City of Everett.

While this was a good turn of events, it was still unnecessary to have to go through all the trouble with something that is pretty simple to begin with, but nevertheless, the ACLU, AUFSOCAS (Americans United for Seperation of Church and State), and AA (American Atheists association), are coming forth with an onslaught of attacks against Christianity to silence Christians (Their main goal).

It's clear to anyone with an open mind that their objective is to lie about our Nation's founding and re-write history to suit their evil agenda of hate.

Thank the Lord the good Judge in Washington State made the wise decision and ruled to keep our heritage strong; that which gives us the freedom to choose our own pathways and not by dictatorial rule as Atheists would have it.


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