Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Well Spring is here, I'm another year older and I haven't posted in a while so I thought I'd try to make a post. Hopefully I can do this more often, but it's just a matter of me getting the will power I guess.

I called this post signs because lately I've seen a lot of 'signs' in my own life and in the lives of those around me. Co-workers, neighbors, I've seen a lot of things happen lately since the New Year came in around four months ago, and most of what I've seen isn't very good. Husbands and wives bickering, friendships being torn apart due to petty squabbles, enmity between brother and sister, brother and brother, what have you. The signs are easy enough to tell, all a man really need do is look. So what does it really have to do on the larger scale of politics? Not much really, it's been something that has been going on for ever since way before I was born, and I'm sure it will continue to happen much more frequently.

But it does crop up an issue in my mind that has been spoken of on here... In todays society divorce is common place. In some parts of the United States you can get married in under fifteen minutes, and usually the marriage ends just as quick. I can't see how such a sacred pact as marriage can be performed in under fifteen minutes, but when that does take place, I can see where it will end just as fast. There is no dignity in such a ceremony, just a quick fix to ease the conscience of some morally degraded people who have never learned or been taught the sanctity of marriage. Who just want to have the quick sexual fix and in the end feel good in saying 'We were married, we did nothing wrong... We just didn't love each other afterward'

How sick. Two people, joining in one flesh, taking what God ordained as a sacred Holy act moons before the foundations of the Earth were set in place, before the seas were filled, before the stars were arranged in the lesser heavens, an act so sacred He made it binding 'Until death do ye part'. How two people can take this Holy act and rip it into shreds like a filthy rag, making it a quick fifteen minute fix for a one night stand, is utterly despicable.

But what can you expect, society teaches it, condones it, wants it to be common place, wants it to be a compulsive act that doesn't merit second thoughts. Wants it to be that quicky adrenaline rush that they know will fade, they laugh and make soap operas of it... lives torn are a mere act, a part of a play that entertains the rest of their filthy hovel of pigs who suck it up every day through the TV. Society and Big Hollywood relish the broken homes that they create, because their master Satan grants them 'just one dollar more' for every single one.

Maybe I'm going a little off the deep end, but I think it's part of a sign... I know in my every day life I struggle, I don't go to church as much a I should, I don't read the Bible and pray as much as I should... I see a lot of faults in my own life, but I still want to cling to Jesus, and I pray he never gives up on me, because I've found He's the only one that cares and really talks to me in His own special way when times are rough...

Sure some of you might be saying right now 'Lucas, them voices ain't Jesus, it's your demented psyche' well say it all you want, I know the Lord speaks to me, and you can be sure he speaks to you too... Every time you feel that bit of conviction deep down inside when you do something wrong, when you're watching that show you shouldn't be watching, or telling/listening to that bad joke that you could get fired/reprimanded over at the work place or school. That's a sign too.

But more and more society tries to teach people to push that voice to the backdrop of the grand scheme of things and just continue because 'it will help you to fit in' and oh how fitting in is oh so important these days. I confess, I'm guilty of doing it myself, but the more I type and the more I think about it, the more I want to try my hardest to try and get back to Jesus Christ, and the principles I've been taught since I was a young child before I could even read.

The signs of today don't paint a pretty picture. You didn't see these things happening in the days of my grandfather and yours too. People held marriage a very sacred and solemn act, and having children was something that was both a blessing and joy to the family. The thought of aborting a little child in those days was so troublesome, you'd be hanged for even showing an inkling of favoritism to it.

But not so today, now that the college professors and and 'peace activists' have planted the seed of dissension, it's grown into a monstrous and rampant weed, that has smothered out millions upon millions of lives, more than both world wars combined... It's a modern day Holocaust, a legal way to get by scott-free with first degree murder, and nobody can deny that, it's nothing but the sweet ugly truth. And how it makes people squirm who are in favor of it, to hear it said so. They know the truth of abortion, but again, they've trained themselves to push the morality of life to the backdrop, just as in marriage.

I don't know, signs aren't a good thing in this case it seems. When we think of a sign we think of a way-point, a guide to help us along in our path, something that reveals a hidden location or a hidden fact that we so desperately need to find in our search... but in these signs all there seems to be is corruption and death, and saddly the majority of people don't seem to be heeding them.

I'm trying to decipher my own signs, and make sense of them, I know it's going to take getting back to the basics though. Somehow I've got to find that broken-ness that I once used to have, so I can get back the basics that helped to make me stronger in times past. But I know that with each struggle toward finding the right way, it's one step closer I've become.

How bout you? Looking for your signs? I hope so...


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