Thursday, April 24, 2008

Controversial "Day of Silence"

In my younger days, I remember getting up early every morning, long before sunrise, I grabbed my backpack/book-bag weighted down with student literature, math, history, english, FFA manuals (Future Farmers of America Foundation), Trade manual (welding/shop class) and so on, heading off to meet the school bus ... I always sat on the front seat, it was always vacant, so that was my normal spot every morning. When the school bush arrived at the school I would walk up along the side of the building along with a good many other students and we all waited for first period. I wasn't the brightest kid on the block, and most of the time, I had other things on my mind - like going out in the woods hunting, or dreaming about a beautiful clear stream full of rainbow, brook, and brown trout just waiting for that mayfly, caddis, or stonefly to float by... as most serious trout fishermen are aware and hone the art of fly-tying down to a science. There's nothing quite like it, actually...and with that kind of distraction on your mind, it's really hard to study...let me tell you!!! And too, probably one of the main reasons I didn't make very good grades most of the time.

In reality, however, the distraction that was my day-dream of outdoor adventure, that really wasn't the main distraction, the main problem was that I was very shy and timid, a problem I still have to this day....I didn't talk very much to the other student body, wasn't....very sociable... I guess you could say, in the respect that, I was afraid of being embarrassed in front of those who were more advanced in their learning skills, so to speak. Oh, I would talk with others who had my interests in mind, of course, it was always when nobody was around and there wasn't the likeliehood of someone hearing what I said and so forth, but it was mostly for a few minutes at a time, in the event that somebody might happen to walk by and hear what we were talking about, and that seems to be something that I can't shake to this day...but you know, there was something that I was never ashamed to talk about...and you know what that is? Telling others about my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Yes, there were times that it was difficult to do, but I always trusted in the Lord that He would help me in that area, for even though I felt the way I did, and there being a requirement of me in a school assignment by way of man's orders, I always wanted to give God all the praise and glory in the end of my lesson, because without His help, it wouln't have been possible for me to meet the school's criteria with my condition, but through His help and guidance I always fulfilled my requirement to the best of my ability. It may not have been exactly the way the school had desired of me to accomplish their task, but through God's help in standing for what was right, I was able to meet the school and Him (Thank You, Jesus!!), half-way.

And that's basically what I want to talk a little bit about here today. You know, things have really changed since the time when I was going to school, and I guess a great deal of these new eventful changes seem shockingly new to me because I hadn't kept up with the latest news and wasn't aware of the seriousnous of the things happening in our schools until about 2006. From 1997 until that point I had no idea that homosexuals were working to push their agenda into our educational system, along with very anti-moral, anti-Christian ethics, and is basically what drove me to start blogging in April of '06 ... so this month makes my second year in into blogging.

At any rate, for the same reasons that I felt intimidated, and pressed to keep silent in my own personal way, while among other student body, I never held those feelings in my heart as a means to begrudge others who might like to ask a question of me when called upon, regardless of who they were, teacher or student, I always spoke up with as short an answer as possible, like yes M'am, no M'am, and you get the picture. If I had chosen to keep silent, then I would shut down the communication that is imperative for me to be able to learn to be a good citizen, and not cause disruption to the required duties of the teaching administrators.
This leads me to this next bit...

In the opposite manner, in the homosexual movement, students who identify as homosexuals have organized a "day of silence", in which they deliberately choose to keep silent the whole day, not asking any questions, and not answering any questions and shutting down communication within the whole school just for themselves. So what is the message that Sodomites are trying to get across? Well, coming from the Liberal Left-wing sector of America, it seemingly (ok?), seemingly denotes "discrimination" by those who don't participate in the same lifestyle as them. What it really says, is it's telling Christians and those who hold pro-family sentiments to keep silent, trying to silence this Christian Nation.

We can call this "Day of Silence" a form of hatred directed against Christians and pro-family groups. To learn more about this, you can go to the new website, and you will find out how our Nation is being destroyed by the Liberal elite.

God bless!


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