Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Our Purpose

This is a continuance of yesterday's discussion…with a more logical explanation of our existence, giving us more and better reason to accept a Being who has complete dominion over the things that exist, and our need for purpose in life from the things which exist.

In the Atheist's view, their idea is the only thing that exists is the material, or the physical things which help to support life on earth, as we know it, and at the end of life there is "nothingness," therefore, making the here and now as the only thing we have to look forward to.

I have a different view, or something with a little more 'purpose' and 'hope,' if you will...

The logic stems from the concept that, I am here, and that for me to be here and be enabled with a conscience to acknowledge that I am special with the ability to communicate things that the lower forms of life can't, so being blessed in this manner means simply, that someone planned in advance and cared enough to want me to be a part of all this. To prove this, as I have a conscience, if there were not a Creator, then I would not question my existence, and therefore, would make everything meaningless, making the forces that exist, which, dictated by the compulsion to make progress, would drive mankind to more than extreme, and therefore, there would be no moderation in the things one does. This makes it clear, those who've acknowledged this Higher Power that has made civilization possible. Where do we find the answer? To quote John Quincy Adams-

“The first words of the Bible are, ‘In the beginning God created the
Heaven and the earth.’ This blessed and sublime idea of God, the Creator
Of the universe—this source of all human virtue and all human happiness,
For which all the sages and philosophers of Greece and Rome groped in
Darkness and never found—is revealed in the first verse of the book of
Genesis. I call this the source of all human virtue and happiness.
“Here, then, is the foundation of all morality—the source of all our
Obligations as accountable creatures.

Our 'purpose,' and 'obligations,' are what confine us to the physical world, as we are bound by God’s Laws of limitation, and therefore, we are accountable to an awesome God, the Creator of all the earth and universe on display.

There is not one human being who has a healthy mind and conscience, that can question the reason for their existence and deny a Higher Power, much, much greater than themselves--that is, without a doubt, the God of the Bible, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

What is our purpose? To appreciate and be thankful that we have a God who includes us in His great and wondrous plan of Creation.

Just remember - When you question your existence, there's a reason for that--God Loves you, and wants you to come to Him for your every need, for without Him, we would be lost and helpless.

God bless!


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  1. welll, it is a rehash of the old "I think, therefore I am" theme.

    However, the second stretch of the arguments "I believe, therefore god is" always struck me as a logical fallacy. I may have some time in the evening (here) to posts an answer to your view on an atheist's beliefs. As an atheist, I am more qualified than you to talk about them, and getting quite tired to have words put in my mouth, thank you.

  2. welll, it is a rehash of the old "I think, therefore I am" theme.


    Not exactly. Thinking is something that everybody commits to. Therefore, what I "think" may not always be the case, but in essence, it is a matter of what I choose...as God has made the mind free. Our abilities as mortals are confined to the physical laws which God has set in place, therefore, our life is not possible outside this universe for any length or period of time, and there are also limits to what we can succeed at doing here on earth, as well, as the parts are seperated to work in their own individual way as God designed and programmed them to do in only one way--in this, they work together to support life as He had planned for the good of mankind.

    In what way I choose to use them, and there are thousands of examples to learn from, I find them as a link to the examples He chose to reveal in nature to mankind as a means to decipher how we will unltimately choose our Eternal spiritual destination.

    Second chances are many to none. We can either be a stranger (enemy) to God, in which He has proven to us through ages past that we are either fight against our own existence as we know it; in choosing to deny God and be destroyed, or we can accept that we have a purpose for existence and work in harmony through the direction of His Word which is to our benefit. How? We acheive true happiness and peace with our fellow man, and therefore, we are found worthy in the eyes of the Lord and we are therefore, afforded prosperity.

    Peace or Chaos - It is within your own grasp, but first, you have to choose to reach for it, before you can attain it.