Monday, April 28, 2008

Wright Defends His Controversial Remarks

Attention: I haven't had much time lately to post on the latest political news coverage of Barack Obama and his former Pastor Jeremiah Wright. I understand that he has stood by, or was actually defensive of his prior anti-semitic statements in a press meeting today.

I will add to this thread tomorrow, which would be tuesday. In the meantime, feel free to share your thoughts on this subject.

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Continued from yesterday...


I wasn't really surprised at the nature in which Rev. Wright came across in defending his statements yesterday ... I guess what made the most impact on me, was the way the crowd defended Rev. Wright's very anti-American statements, when he exclaimed, and I quote - "You can't do terrorism to others, and expect it not to be done to you" end quote. Now, obviously, he is speaking in reference to the War on Terror (WOT), that was launched after 9/11/01 in an offensive against those who struck our country and killed 3,000 American people. In other words, by Rev. Wright's "standards", it was "ok" for The Terrorists , to kill Americans, and it's "not" ok for us to defend ourselves against those attacks.

Pretty daring statements, eh?

It's also clear that Rev. Wright's only interest the entire time he was speaking was to continue the racial division in our country, as he continues to defend Lewis Farrakhan's anti-American, anti-Jewish, and anti-White statements.

Rev. Wright seems to think that these recent developments regarding his own words, from his own sermons are all excuse to say that they are just "soundbites" and not the full message that needs to be heard. While these clips we see of Rev. Wright are just soundbites, they are just a tiny part of entire messages of complete hatred against America. So the question we need to ask Rev. Wright is ... Why listen to the entire sermon, when all we need to hear is just one minute of you to figure out where you're coming from?

Rev. Wright is a very dangerous person, to say the least. What's more, he's using his influence to capture, and fill the hearts of his followers with the same identical hate that he harbors in his own heart for America. Because, as we've heard him say, this is an "attack on the black church."

"Attack on the black church"?

Mr. Wright misrepresents the black church, and he most certainly does not live up to the standards that Mr. Martin Luther King Jr., and by all rights, as much as Barack Obama would like to be another Martin Luther King Jr., he won't be be able to either. Why? Because Barack Obama is not a Republican holding the ideals of unification that Martin Luther King Jr. spoke so often about in a Christian Conservative fashion.

As far as Barack Obama having any hope at all of retaining his place in this year's election, he's going to have to completely and utterly distance himself from this Rev. Wright fellow as far as possible, as if he never met the man. If I recollect correctly, I think he did that today. However, even if he has done this, it still doesn't mean that Barack Obama is the best man for the job of POTUS, because nearly half or all of what his agenda is consists of, deals with very serious social issues at home that need to be addressed, and dealt with before our country sinks into the gutter for all times to come, that, namely being abortion, an injustice that has murdered more American people than all the wars we've fought combined. We need to end it for the sake of our Nation's safe-keep in the eyes of Almighty God, who affords us the opportunity to partake in His Creation. In this area, Mr. Obama would not be in America's best interests, for he is in favor of the continued destruction of life.

Now is the time, folks, it is our chance to nominate someone who will work to the benefit of the children and the elderly alike, and by that, I mean - Don't elect a Democrat.

Vote Repubican!!!

-Jeremiah- (Ending time: 10:02 PM 4/29/08)

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