Saturday, May 3, 2008

Turning It Around

Jeremiah Wright LIED saying "the government invented the AIDS virus as a means of genocide against people of color."

Jeremiah Wright LIED ... saying "the government infected African-American men with syphilis!!!"

Jeremiah Wright LIED saying "the government is planting them some weapons o' mass destruction."

Jeremiah Wright is a LIAR!!!

Why does he lie so much? Because his heart is filled with hatred for the United States of America!!! His contempt is for the simple reason that he's jealous of what the White man has done by picking himself up by the boot-straps and gone to work for and earned it well (even sharing it with the people like him), instead of sitting around crying and belly-aching about what he doesn't have.

This is a most opportune time to confront this spectacle and put it on its head.

Most people can identify with their particular church, and what their beliefs are, and what's interesting, is that...Rev. Wright, is using his influence in front of his congregation as a pulpit for preaching political nature sermons. He's not using his talent for speaking to his benefit, or the people whom he's speaking to.

So what is he doing? Well, if you've noticed, in his sermons he uses a great deal of derogatory language against America, hatred actually, and he's using our government as an excuse to vent that hatred in front of those who might agree with him, and, perhaps, persuade others to hate as he and they do. This hatred that he harbors in his heart...what it does, is it then creates paranoid conspiracy theories in his mind, and thus, it then turns him to speak the paranoia (lies) to thousands of people. He then exploits and uses God's Precious and Holy Word as "justification" for his sinful deeds. In other words, he's allowing Satan to use him. A minister for Satan.

Make no mistake, friends, Wright's proclaiming to be a "Christian" is just that and nothing more...he puts it into word, but not in deed, because his words and actions contradict each other on himself. Therefore, the Bible won't do him a bit of good until he learns to put the words to his heart and mind through diligant prayer and fasting before the Almighty Creator, and allows God to work through him on His behalf. That's when you see the Light of Christ shine through.

As for now, Rev. Wright is living in terrible darkness and err of ways that he will have to answer to the Almighty Judge to on his own account one day.

As for Obama? It is a very scary thought of the possibility of him becoming our next President. Methinks Obama has the same hatred for America that his preacher buddy Wright does.

Remember: The Serpent is smooth talking, a deceiver.

Are you going to let the Devil deceive you?



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  1. Are you crazy or stupid or both? Reverend Wright never said that the government gave black men vd he said that after seeing that they could allow black men to die of syphillis all the while lying to them about the treatment and withholding penicillin for the sake of a medical study agisnt the patients wishes then the government is capable of anything including creating a disease like HIV and spreading it in the black community. A conspiracy theory? Sure. Impossible no? Are you a liar absolutely.