Thursday, June 12, 2008

Federal Judge Caught Posting Obscene Material to the Internet

You know society is going down-hill fast when ourFederal Judges are violating the laws that they set out to administer. While these sorts of things are becoming a weekly to daily dilemma and continue, it only proves that the majority of America is satisfied with the shape things are in morally as long as their wallets are well lined with green, and ever more support is given to the "anything goes" agenda, with selfish reconciliation as a means to suit their own wants and desires. Thus, the law bends and approves of the actions that further divide and seperate America from God's Law of Love.

As for those of us who would prefer that the degeneration stop, and begin to see a modicum of decency replaced, the only recourse we have is through prayer, and if we earnestly do this, then God's favor will be returned once again.

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  2. Anonymous,

    Sad, isn't it? So many intelligent, well educated people are going to die, take nothing with them, and lose their soul in a Devil's Hell, all because the one smartest thing they could ever do, they did not do...and that was accept Jesus Christ as the personal Lord and Savior. Pitiful.