Thursday, June 5, 2008

Why Mommy?

Mommy, today is my birthday. I am 4 months old.

Mommy I have toes and I am a girl. Mommy, Please don't be sad any more.

Mommy what is that doctor saying mommy? What is an abortion mommy?

Mommy I love you. Mommy I can fall asleep to your heartbeat.

Mommy do you love me?

Mommy I am in heaven now Mommy. God told me what an abortion is Mommy.

Mommy why didn't you want me? Why don't you love me?

Mommy why can't I ever see the light of day? Mommy I still love you.

Mommy God will take care of me now and I will be loved .

Mommy today is my birthday I am 5 years old now and I still don't understand why you didn't want me mommy

Mommy! You came to see me Mommy!

Mommy what happened to you? You don't know your little girl anymore mommy? You don't love me Mommy? Why did I have to die Mommy?
Mommy I still love you

When will America realize this?

You've gone to sleep, America, it's time to wake up ... little ones are dying, the clock is ticking.........God's eye is watching!

Update: It's been a proven fact, that you never trust Democrats on their word, as this young man exemplifies the very nature of what it means to be called a liar. He says he's "18" with a "14 year old daughter"...?? *Snicker*

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  1. Jeremiah, this is pathetic.

    Who are you to project yourself onto the dreadful agonies a mother contemplating abortion must go through?

    You have never and WILL never have to endure such a decision.

    You will never face the choices such a woman must face - the prospect of a father shrugging and saying, "So what, it's YOUR problem"; the rapist chortling at his victim's dilemma; the family member responsible for the pregnancy and the whole remaining family in denial as the victim shoulders all the blame and responsibility.

    And, add to that, consider the situation of the young woman drawn in by the young man who then shrugs his shoulders and says "Hey, not my problem!" You would put the burden upon his victim? To bear an unwanted child foisted upon her?

    There is a solution. Ready access to birth control methods. Avoidance of this tragic scenario before it ever occurs.

    Oh, but, wait! That cannot be! Because your God has said that women should not have control over their own bodies. That their fertility is subject solely to the whim of the men in their lives, and anything that contravenes that interferes with God's Plan.

    Geez, Jeremiah. Wake up and have some compassion for the women who are the VICTIMS of your callous position. You would force women whose conception has been against their will to bear children? Holy crap - what will those kids experience as a result of their unwanted birth? Perhaps unwanted by both mother and father?

    Every child should arrive in this world welcomed and loved. Your post does nothing to assure this.

    Birth control helps to assure that children are welcomed and loved.

    Lack of birth control, as you seem to advocate, makes it likely that newborns may be as unwelcomed as they are embraced, as rejected as they are welcomed.

    Show me a scenario where birth control results in unwanted children.

    Show me.

  2. anonymous,

    Where your ideology of birth control is failed, is in the fact that you use birth control as a means to justify earlier and earlier ages for girls to have sex. Essentially, forcing the idea of sex onto adolescents. Adolescents aren't prepared mentally for the task of rearing children, but not always, you see, some children have parents who actually care about their children, good Christian parents who will give their love and support in any way they can to help their child rear their child.

    But to give children as young as 11 birth control is not caring at all for children - Because for number one - it leads them into fornication, because they think they're being "safe"...and furthermore, they have it all planned out in advance, they say to themselves, 'If something happens that I accidentally have a child, I'll just get an abortion.'
    So who is to blame then? The girl? No! Because she doesn't understand what caring and love for a child means...because all she's been taught is to have and enjoy her sexual desires by those in the school system who think they've given these children a license to fornicate. And furthermore, not realizing the scars that abortion brings physically but most of the time mentally. They have to live with that decision for the rest of their lives...but do you or the school teachers care? No, you just laugh and go've had your jollies and so now you have no need of her essence, slavery to sex - treating people no better than a filthy rag.

    So what it really all boils down to, is that we have to deal with people of your intellect who have no sense of right and wrong in the world, making excuses for bad behavior, and this, my friend, is evil.

    We should be telling these young girls to wait for that special commitment ordained by God in the unity of Christ Jesus who gives us the strength to endure and raise a family. And when we do this, where there is doubt, it is replaced with assurance, and where there is haste, it is replaced with patience to run the race joined together with our Father who art in heaven Eternally happy.

  3. Where the HECK (pre-editing for you, Jer) did I advocate sexual behavior for 11-year-olds? I'm a parent to a daughter aged 14. I understand this issue VERY completely. I've taught her well and I am assured that she's not going to "play the field" at her tender age. Not because of some cosmic God In The Sky but because she has some level of self-respect.

    And I deeply - DEEPLY - resent your crass insinuation that just because I do not share YOUR worldview I am "making excuses for bad behavior" and turning my child into some kind of whore. You cross a moral line when you claim that stance based on your religion, Jeremiah, and if you're honest you know you owe me an apology...because even you should not have the gall to claim that YOU have greater authority over someone else's child than that child's parent has.


    "I laugh," "I go on," "I have my jollies"?? What are you claiming? That I, AS A PARENT, somehow rejoice in a child's sexual exploits? Where do you get off claiming that?

    My daughter is a smart, tuned-in young lady who is not about to play around. But she's also wise enough not to buy into your scenario which makes her subordinate to any and every evangelical ideologue who claims that her body is not her own, but HIS.

    You owe me an apology, Jeremiah. You know that it is owed and it is owed NOW.

    How dare you suggest that my wonderful daughter is "no better than a filthy rag"?

    Your words.

    You freaking owe me an apology. We may disagree on theological matters, but you have just called my daughter any number of tawdry names, and THAT, sir, you must answer for.

    Own up. How DARE you impugn my daughter's virtue? Show some of the much-vaunted respect you claim to have for womanhood and apologize. Now.

    Or acknowledge that you have named a blameless 8th grader as a "filthy rag," in your own words, just because you can do so anonymously on the Internet.

    I hope you're proud of yourself.

  4. That's the trouble with you Lefties, M'am, you have trouble think only what you want to think, see only what you want to see, hear only what you want to hear.

    I never called you daughter any number of "names"...No, I say that's how the majority if children are treated ... In other words ... IT'S NOT THE CHILDREN'S FAULT!!!

    If YOU treat YOUR children in the same manner that the state wishes too to treat your children, with the non-shalante, anything goes attitude YOUR the one to blame!!

    Do you understand?

    Open you mind, and soak in the good that God's Word has for you...My purpose here is not to "denigrate" and "put down" people...but to help you understand what's right, and where society has went wrong.

    Now, whether you truly are a mother is no way for me to tell, for all I know you could be some pedophile down the street, you make no name for yourself.

    But whoever you are, please know this, and know it well.....There's no way in this world that I would tell you something that hasn't already been proven...and by that, my friend I mean, is that there's a God who cares and understands your every need, a God who loves you more than anything else in this world...and He wants you to know that.....Maybe that's the reason you're here...ever think of it that way?

    Am I proud of myself? Well, considering that I've tried to the best of my abilities to live up to what God's Word says I feel some measure of worth, because God said He wanted me to live, I must have some purpose in this world, or else I wouldn't be here. And to me, that purpose in life is to be here as a witness for you, because YOU have a purpose, and God wants to know if your willing to accept His forgiveness and ask Him to come into your life and be made a new person with joy unspeakable...and that's how it is, God works in mysterious ways, and what does in your life it will reflect back at you with a brightness of new spiritual growth and vigor...and from then on, you can't help but smile, because God has made a whole different person out of you.


    God bless!

  5. Take your disingenuous "God bless!" and shove it up your sanctimonious backside, Jeremiah.

    This "pedophile down the street" is still owed an apology from you. Because you have had the GALL to tell a parent how to raise her (in this case) own child.

    And, as to the reason I am here... perhaps it is to give you a sense of humility, and to encourage you that maybe God doesn't speak quite so completely through you as you are pleased to claim.

    Consider, Jer, that your God doesn't view you as so "perfect" a vessel as you assume, and that you might just, occasionally on these Intertubes, be WRONG!

  6. Consider, Jer, that your God doesn't view you as so "perfect" a vessel as you assume, and that you might just, occasionally on these Intertubes, be WRONG!

    Yes, but it's not my word that counts, it's the Lord's Word which is forever settled in heaven. And that's what I try to share with you here.

  7. Oh yeah, BTW, have a nice evening.