Monday, June 9, 2008

Manipulating Life in Science

Let me first start off by clearing something up before I begin…It is often times claimed by critics and skeptics, that Christianity is “opposed to”; or “anti-science.” This is false; for a number of reasons – One being, that science in and of itself is based purely on a personal perspective or opinion about how each individual discovery they make in regards to how life works, the problem being in any case, and which leads me to number 2, is that, while scientific opinions are based on a physically visualized perception of any given subject, it is solely where we apply logic, temperance, and morality into the equation which leads me to lastly, number 3. If science is to better help us understand life and how it works in order to solve many of the problems we face then we must use logic and morality as our guide and will show us how scientific opinion differentiates progress wise and how each opinion which will factor into the outcome affecting those within the problem area.

Where many scientists fail to meet criteria that can be regarded as “logical” and “moral” is whenever the make the claim that “Christians are opposed to science.” What are they thinking? They’re thinking that since we believe in the God of Creation that somehow that conflicts with their being able to continue researching, therefore, ‘God did it’ and “ideas are impossible.” Is this true? Well, half of it is true and half of it is false. Yes, God did create the earth and all the planets in all the galaxies in the Universe, but it is totally ludicrous to assume that since God in fact created it that that is where science and questions in research “ends.”

That is our God-given freedom. He gives us the freedom to be able to explore all that He has created, so we can come to a closer connection with His love for us. It is to our benefit to use what He has given us in sharing with others His awesome power and one of many ways is through medical science, i.e. vaccines to prevent sickness, medicine to cure illnesses, surgery for major internal problems and so on. Although, the best healing power of all is through the greatest Healer of all, The Great Physician – Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who healed people with just the touch of His garment made completely whole again.

Now, to concentrate on what the intended purpose and primary concern I want to share with you regarding the implications of science gone wrong but not with science…science is just fine, it is with those who use science as a means to demean and attack people continually on the grounds of their faith, especially Christianity.

Many scientists are deeply fascinated with the human cell organism (I can understand their interest, as you all as my readers may well know that I am very interested in nature and the many things God has created, and I’m not even a scientist), so interested in fact, are they, that they are willing to wantonly destroy unborn baby human beings in their mothers womb.

Ok, I want to pause now, just take a minute to remember silently the millions of little newborns that never got to see their beautiful mommies daddies and God’s wonderful creation………just turn the television, radio or whatever there is that may be a distraction and remember them…………………..(moment of silence and prayer.)…………………………………

Ok, as Christians we should find this practice (Abortion – the pre-meditated murder of unborn innocent human life), totally unacceptable on par with what God’s Word teaches us. God cherishes each and every life that is conceived from day one at the moment male and female join. God says they are as one and are to commit their joining together into God’s watch-care as one in Christ Jesus ensuring that they give as much love and attention to their child from the moment of conception until they are old enough to set out on their own at the point of adulthood.

Life has [intrinsic] worth, for if it did “not” then man simply would not exist…Instead, God said, ‘I will make man in - My image.’ He also said, ‘I’ll not force man, I’ll give him a choice; And so, we can freely choose to love God as He so chose to love us, as He sent His Only begotten Son to die for us and give us life eternal if we’ll only believe. We impart this same intrinsic worth (just call it love) to the children God has enabled us to help create; you see, God is the first step, He made it possible, now it’s up to us to meet Him half way and do our part to ensure that we make sure not to intentionally and with aforethought harm that little life.

That’s essentially the beauty of life…but, the ideologies of some so called scientists are barriers that will need to be overcome before we can truly start to succeed in solving the many problems that ail society. Most bodily illnesses are temporary to minor or non-existent in comparison to those problems that are more-so created by the minds of individuals seeking their own agendas and ends, with not thought or care as to those affected by consequences of their un-scientific opinions.

Science is not science if it breeches the contract between God and man, as God’s Law comes before all others. Yes, we can choose to ignore God’s Love stated in the Law, but that’s where it’s the duty of those who proclaim to be Christians to speak out in love warning others about the consequences of disobeying God’s loving command. God warns us because He loves us, to better illustrate this, I know what will happen to me if I play with fire because I’ve experienced it so it is my duty to be an example to others about the consequences of playing with fire, so they can avoid them likewise. In this, I’ve shown a measure of love(remember intrinsic again) and care to my fellow man. Of course, these are just simple unpredictable situations….but, with God, friend, I can assure you that what He says He will do…He will do! I promise you! There are no mistakes when dealing with God and if you love Him and keep His commandments He will do just as He says, He will welcome you with open arms into His kingdom.

In ending…You see, God doesn’t “manipulate” and play around with Life…His very serious as He made Life perfect in the beginning and that’s what makes us so special. Our modern day Liberal scientists could take a few hints and stop manipulating Life for their own sadistic sick purposes, such as – wealth, power, and greed. They would do well to start learning from the Creator behind it all.

God bless!


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