Saturday, June 14, 2008

Public Land Issue

Let's assume for arguments sake...that "Burt" (Our imaginary figure player here) wanted to get permission to use a road-side park in his town or city to witness to people about the Lord and about how He feels concerning some of the injustices that are a contradiction to God's Word. Ok, let's say he were to tell a lie, to get his way, and instead he used the property for some purpose other than what he had originally intended to do, we'll say something like take his jeep to go joy riding through the park and destroying the property leaving ruts, tearing picnic tables us and so forth...Ok, would that be right, for him to do that? No! Of course not....Common sense tells us that...and it's just common sense to apply the law accordingly...anything which would be destructive should be against the law, as it already is. On the other hand, what if "Burt" under protection of the first amendment, which garuntees us the 'freedom of speech' came for his intended purpose - Doing no harm to the property or to others, and was in a most friendly fashion sharing with others the gift of knowledge that God has bestowed upon him to persuade them on the challenges we face in this modern day era of inflammatory, historically revisioned, catagorically 'catrastropic' age of lies...what if an outside group came to silence Burt? Would it be right if the law silenced Burt, handcuffed him, took him to jail and fined him over $400?

If you didn't think it could happen, then you are fooled, because it's already happened to the man in this story.

Sad, isn't it? We are losing our freedoms every single day. When are Christians ever going to wake up? Pretty soon they'll be silencing churches and we won't be able to meet with our brothers and sisters in Christ on Sunday mornings like we have for hundreds of years. Listen, folks, this country was built on the backs of hard-working Christian men and women. We need to start standing for what is right before it's too late!!

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  1. How exactly were his rights violated?
    He had no permit, so he never asked for permission, he was asked to leave until he had a permit, he refused to leave....what exactly is wrong here?

  2. Jeremiah! I found your blog! Hey, We need your voice back at the Grizzly Groundswell! Bring Leo!

    Chad Everson

  3. Hey Chad,

    How've you been?

    As for myself, I've been having a bit of trouble as of late with my brother...He's really hurting the family, Chad, I'd really appreciate your prayers. So, most of my energies have been concentrated towards getting my brother straightened out and back on the right track in life...and I'd really like to get him back to posting, to get Lucas motivated towards making positive goals in sharing his story with others, so he can change lives......I can't hardly keep from breaking down anymore......We almost lost him. Please pray for me that I can be an encouragement to Lucas.

    I'll try to make a post soon, and then check in on Leo and see what he's up to.

    See ya!

  4. Pelirrijo,

    'Freedom of Speech'.

    No one should have their rights to speech abridged anywhere in this country, no matter where it's at...especially for sharing with others ways that they can get help in life through the shed blood of Jesus Christ.

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    Thank You!

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