Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Democrats Up in Arms

As Bill would say, "The latest from the political grapevine"...

What in the world are Democrats going to do with Mr. Obama? Well, truth be told, they'll probably wind up desserting him.

After looking at his track record, it's pretty obvious that he's not been so effective at defending life in the womb. What's interesting is the fact that Obama has no need of his extreme Left-wing supporters when it comes to their agenda, even with him being an extreme Left-wing liberal himself. So, what's all the fuss about?

Well, I'll tell you, this is my opinion, and I don't know if any of you; my fellow Christian Conservatives have thought of it, or see it this way, but ... Obama has recently taken a sharp-right curve to the center - My thinking is that he is aware that the extreme liberal rhetoric is not pulling to his advantage very well, so he's moving right to try and make himself look as part of the true Christian crowd (who do not support abortion and sodomy rights, by the way), or, probably more likely so as to make himself look more well-intentioned than what his track record proves him to be, which is anything other than "good-intentioned." He's pretty slick, in that he sees where he can do the most persuading or deceiving (whichevery you prefer) those voters who are of younger status within the evangelical base of the GOP; and in trying to appeal to these younger folks he knows they have little experience, he knows that, and they are more likely to be persuaded by his persistent rhetorical message of "hope". It's a trick & trap; the name of the liberal to speak. In effect, blinding them to the true and actual intentions behind his pandering as are stated emphatically within his track record. He says he will now "support a ban on late-term abortions under extraordinarily high risks to the mother." No one should ever believe this. Obama is for abortion no matter the reason, no matter the consequences of such an evil decision. However, I'll let you decide. We do, however, have a democracy, you know...and that's one of the great things about this country, we have the freedom to expose myth from fact. Remember, the truth should not be in your hand, but in your heart; and Obama has shown what the true intent of his heart is by providing for us most expediently his track record on display for the world to see that he would be a choice not worth the taking come this November. At any rate, while we do have the freedom to choose, we also have to endure the blessing or cursing of such choices, but I guess that all goes with living and learning, right?

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