Monday, July 7, 2008


Things like fornication are considered to be "normal" nowadays, as it is common place for young boys and girls to have sex before they are adults and married. And this would sort of go along with the recent news about some girls making a "pregnancy pact".

Why is this? A number of reasons, but principally because parents and teachers do not care anymore, society in general. Parents say, "whatever my child wants" and most of the time, this places the learning into the hands of their teachers, which really don't care either, they just hand them some contraceptives, and say, "Now, use these and you'll be "safe." So, all really have, is teachers teaching fornication...because they don't care, you see. This is why the abortion rate is skyrocketing out of control. Where you have irresponsible parents, and teachers teaching out-of-control lifestyles combined with young teenage kids with high hormonal levels you lose control of matters health in regards to sexually transmitted diseases. The problem with STDs, go widely unnoticed, however, because they are linked to sexual behavior which is taught as a "born-with" trait, in other words, it is a trick designed to cover up the consequences of a choice that was never intended for us to make.

Teaching that fornication is acceptable via contraceptive, and teaching sodomy, and teaching abortion are all teaching essence, they are reversing, or making society go backwards. Instead of reaching for the stars, we, as a society, are reaching for the bowels of the earth, which means we are digging a hole for ourselves.

What does the Bible say?

Romans chapter 7 deals primarily with sin sexually, but this verse pretty well summarizes all of them....1 Corinthians 6:18

Flee from sexual immorality. All other sins a man commits are outside his body, but he who sins sexually sins against his own body.

In this verse alone, we can say with certainty as clarification that since children are being taught that fornication is "acceptable" that they are being taught falsehoods.

Do the teachers know that they are teaching children to sin? In all likeliehood, probably not, because society in general no longer follows or heeds Biblical teaching.

When parents and teachers can get back to teaching children the truth as is stated in God's Word, as I've just quoted, then we might be able to reverse the degeneration that is taking place.

As of right now, our battle is going to be a long and arduous one, because we have so many people in America who are supporting organizations who are defending the degeneration in society. I've got a list going, and I'll add to the list the more of them I discover. Here's what I've come up with so far...

2. American Atheists
3. Americans United for Separation of Church and State
6. National Abortion Association
7. NOW
8. Planned Parenthood

If you know of any more that I'm not aware of, please feel free to share them with me.

These are the organizations that we must oppose in order to start reversing the degeneration in our society. These organizations are all organizations that oppose life and decency in general--they are pro-abortion (pro-murder).

I'm thinking of starting a site specifically for the purpose of boycotting them, it would be in the form of a petition, and all who want to sign are welcome. If you have any ideas that you'd like to share, or would like to participate in this effort...please let me know, I'd be more than happy to have your support.

Thank you, and God bless!
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  2. "These are the organizations that we must oppose in order to start reversing the degeneration in our society."

    actually what we need to do is to start aborting false christians...get idiots like you out of the way of progress

    you're not even a true christian...SINNER

  3. anonymous,

    First, get one thing straight...No comments with sodomy or profanity are allowed here, and that's speaking in reference to your first comment.

    As for your second comment...You shouldn't have a problem with the number of abortions taking place. You're aborting yourself out of existence the way it is. But geez, aren't you glad your mom and dad chose to give you life?

    The people we need to get out of the way is folks like you, who spread garbage that wastes our precious oxygen that you are free to breath every single minute of every single day.

    See how I can turn it around on you?

    If you want kindness in return, then you need to learn to show a little kindness, and one way you can start to do that is by defending life instead of advocating to take it away. If you want to defend life then you need to oppose these hate groups, who are careless in their pursuit of "happiness."

    Did you ever think that the unborn would like to be happy too?

    God speed!

  4. Fine I won't swear and I don't know how you can do sodomy on the Internet but I try my best not to.

    Here's a simple Universal truth lecture from a Lutheran. if you had been born in Northern Canada an Eskimo likely you would not be a Christian. Nor if you had been born to two parents named Rosenberg on the Upper West Side of Manhattan would you be a Christian.

    You Jeremiah are a product of your environment that a lot of people suffer from. You probably weren't that good a student and didn't have many girlfriends and you were embarrassed about the changes and urges of youth and you sought to shut them out with religion.
    Happens all the time; but I won't go there.

    And it's fine you keep right on doing what you are doing because in the final analysis you are only hurting yourself and your own Soul by hating.

    Let's say a statistical anomaly takes place and you marry and have three beautiful daughters and one night when your oldest is 6 and your youngest is two and the middle one is four your house catches on fire. It is an inferno of the like you cannot imagine and the first two men on the scene are a gay couple and they are willing to go into your house and save your girls and in doing so they both die.

    Now tell me Jeremiah in your world where do these two men go after death? To you fun little idea of sodomite Hell or to paradise for giving their lives to save others?

  5. Diane Tomlinson,

    First, you present the perfect situation to explain why Christianity stands alone and can be found by many as the only truth, THE Truth...there is no other faith that can be classified as such, because they are placing their faith in an earthly deity...absorb that for a many earthly deities, just mere men proclaiming prophecy or innate powers that actually heal? None!
    Jesus Christ is the only one who came to us, made Himself flesh in order to become an atonement, a self-sacrifice to pay our sin, and you must remember, that Jesus intention was not to come as an excuse to go on sinning. He came for two reasons. To expose the wrong in peoples lives, which is sin, and then show them a better way, correct way, the only way to live if we expect to be happy and blessed.

    Happiness is not in the flesh, that's a mistake the to many people, make too often thinking that their happiness is in what they enjoy out of the material things of the world, i,e. TV, Cars, Computers, Home, Holidays (some people spend their whole lives just on holidays), money, collections i,e. trinkets of various sorts, stamps collector items antiques, gold all those things that acquire monetary value over time as they get older.

    The most important thing though, is the very thing which people ignore the most as all their worldly value is a great distraction. And what might that be? Where they will spend eternity. Have you thought about where you will spend eternity? I have, and you know what, it works more to my advantage than say what you think of as 'kindness' in worldly terms. Worldly love, Diane, is false love. True love and kindness come from the King of kings. And His standard is not that we love what is in the world and pursuing our own path, but choose His, and we'll be much happier. In other words, to pursue true happiness is to pursue and obedience to God's Will.

    We all have a choice to make, because without a choice, it wouldn't be right, because, you see, God wants us to search for Him, He doesn't want to oppress us and force us into His will, and when we find Him...What a marvelous and loving God.

    Some tyrannical men may among differing geographical lines oppress us and force us into their worldy way of thinking (Take the Islamic nations, for example), but you see, these countries never last too long, because good men will never allow it to continue, and God even decrees that those countries who oppress will be brought low...because He wants peace to fill peoples hearts and search and find His ways.

    As for your last statement, I'll iterate briefly then I've got to go...

    Those two men would be doing a good deed, but what does their deed do for the long term benefit of their soul? Not one thing. They would be doing a deed in the here and now. How are their hearts prepared to meet Jesus face to face? If they're not living according to God's Word and doing what's best for their Spiritual needs and placing faith in God, then He won't be pleased. We have to live up to His standards...We can do good works that we feel will help people, but the long-term sanctity of our souls. Success is a term for the here and now as a worldly ideology, and it can either prove good or fail us at any time because there's not guarantees in the world, but with God, Diane, He will never let us down, and all it takes is a small measure of faith and then choosing to to accept that God is our source of hope by doing what He asks of us.

    God's Words says that homosexuality is sin, and His Word also says that sin cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. If we love God, then we won't choose to do what the world (which is controlled by the Prince of this world-Satan) wants us to do, but what God's Word says we should do.

    Satan puts a clever PR image in peoples heads, you see he's smart but in evil ways, when people say, "Oh, lookie, I do all kinds of nice things, I rescure people from fires, I give charity, I helped an old lady across the street, I gave poor children some candy"

    That's fruit of the flesh which will end.

    Fruit of the Spirit is sharing hope for peoples eternal soul, which gives people the assurance in knowing that they don't have to go through life alone feeling the way they do, but accepting Christ into their heart and life for ETERNAL happiness.

    God bless. I'll be praying for you.

  6. you're not even a true christian...getting pretty warm where you are isn't it?

  7. you're not even a true christian

    Well, the Bible says that the only people who overcome the world are those who believe that Jesus is the Son of God and I believe that with all of my heart. And also striving to do what His Word tells us we should do, which is what I try to do. My goal is to reach the lost.

    getting pretty warm where you are isn't it?

    No, actually it feels pretty comfortable where I'm at right now, but I understand the Western States are getting some warm weather...

  8. "striving to do what His Word tells us we should do"

    but you don't...just because you say you do doesn't make it're a FAKE and a FRAUD before GOD and your soul is already Burning in Hell because of what you can't run from it...God knows you're a FRAUD

    Burn Sinner Burn!

  9. you're a FAKE and a FRAUD before GOD and your soul is already Burning in Hell because of what you can't run from it...God knows you're a FRAUD

    You seem mighty troubled with what I write.

    Ssshh! Listen, listen to what you're saying...the Spirit's trying to tell you something.