Sunday, August 31, 2008

Don Fowler Delights In Destruction For Political Purposes

Don Fowler remarks on Hurricane Gustav, and the conflict it will present with the Republican National Conventions.

Listen in ...


Disgusting! It just goes to show the true nature of today's Democrats. They are only interested in power, no matter who they hurt and slander in the process.

What really stood out the most, was Fowler's benign invoking of God's name. Fowler says, and I quote, "that just demonstrates that God's on our side". Yeah, like God is going to side with abortion, homosexuality, and letting murderers go free?

He sure had the nerve, when all his party has to offer the people is more mayhem through the introduction of dividing and un-Constitutional law making. Not to mention that these are the kinds of minions that will be running Obama's pony show!

How disgraceful!

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