Saturday, August 30, 2008

Experience - It Qualifies!

This is now down to the wire on what it takes to be Commander in Chief, and likewise, co-Commander in Chief (Vice-President). Whichever candidate has the most experience is the candidate that is better qualified to lead. So, all in all, experience is the top priority when it comes to becoming a leader. With experience, however, comes the need to understanding the needs of the people ... one can have experience, but are the goals in mind what "works best", so to speak, and past proposals outlined in the candidates public forum will prove to us the outcome of their agenda and how well it benefited the people, or how it may have restricted or hurt the people, in essence.

So, here we are, Democrats and Republicans have voiced their opinions on who they've confirmed to secure the future of this great Nation. And the contenders are ...

On the Democratic side - Barack Obama(D) for President/Joe Biden(D) for Vice President
On the Republican side - John McCain(R) for President/Sarah Palin(R) for Vice President

Which one of these two camps is more qualified to lead?

Well, for arguments sake, let's put it this way ... Which of these two camps is going to use government intervention on the two basic issues facing our country, and how effective their past history in dealing with state/government policies that they've dealt with economically and socially.

We'll start with Barack Obama's history as a Senator. How long has he been a Senator? January 4, 2005 - Present. 3 years, and based on his voting record, he is recognized as the most liberal Democrat in the Senate at present. What makes him the most liberal? Well, if you know what the most liberal, which would is more well known as the extreme left-wing of the Democratic party means, you understand that government intervention to control peoples lives economically has the greatest impact on a wide scale basis, and more often than not, it is a negative impact by tax and spend, and the reason this has a negative impact, is because those who are working to pay and make a living for their families are the ones with a steady above average pay because many people depend on them and their services to sustain them, sort of a hand-in-hand thing, you might say, but these very people, that working hard to supply for their families are who the extreme left-wing look to when they want to help those whom they think are "worthy" of their help monetarily, and they have a list in which are government held programs designed and used to raise or lower the deductible on your income, but in this case, with the liberal Democrat economic policies it is usually raised to finance the programs they create for the purpose of redistributing the income you pay in to the government system. Overall, reducing the amount saved in case of a national emergency/crisis, but secondly, and most importantly of all, it hurts the people who make this country work, the people who make it work, because instead of evenly distributing wealth throughout (unlike the Reaganomics style trickle down policies), it is all feeding unnecessary programs that aren't helping anybody except those who squander it for political power and greed and those who do not wish to make a living for themselves, in other words, it feeds corruption and discord among the masses, as all are bound by one (the government) to work and slave and feed from for their purposes. Here, Barack Obama and Joe Biden are alike in their want for more taxation which does not represent the views of the majority. This, my friends, is what we call Socialism, and it puts our state of existence in great danger, because it puts too much power into the hands of the government. It is authoritarianism, just as Hitler believed in putting everbody on a fixed income basis.

Speaking of discord, it is in the social/moral policies that our nation consists and rests upon, and it is in this area that the extreme left-wing of the Democratic party, chooses, deliberately and knowingly, to divorce themselves from reality (much the same as they do on economic policies), ignoring a 250 year old American foundation, guided by one book. Do you know what book that is? The Holy Bible. As far as the the moral area is concerned, there are two issues that are affecting our country in a profound way - Life and sexuality, which correspond into the two injustices that the extreme left-wing is trying to impose through the highest court that are inflicting great damage to our 'traditional' culture as a whole. What are they? Abortion and homosexuality. Now, regardless of what the stakes are, which are high, to say the least, if we are to keep our nation around much longer, how they've gained ground, as was mentioned, is through the Supreme Court, who interprets and changes the Constitution to serve their own purposes. What the Founders made the Constitution to be permanent law at it's completion served a people well, and was adequate to supply their needs, and it was grounded on the Bible, the Written Word of God. If the Founders were to come back right now, the would be wondering at the sight of such moral chaos and turmoil, "Where on earth is our Constitution???", "Why aren't the people adhering to it??" Yes, If only they (Our Founders) could see the injustice that the Democratic party has wrought on our blessed land! They would find classrooms filled with students learning how to perform sexual acts by their teachers, instead of God's Word. Completely ruining them, alienating them from their hope, the hope of this nation. They would find doctors performing an act of murder, taking little children from their mothers womb, crushing their little heads with a pair of steel forceps, and outside, a raging furnace their fragile little bodies are disposed of! God, help these folks, for they are in need of Your touch to their severely depraved mind and spirit!

To take the extreme left-wing ideology a bit further concerning the moral/social structure, the one vital area key to the family unit, is the marriage unit. Every Democratic Senator has taken the extreme left-wing libral ideology that marriage "should" be "re-defined" to include the false and radical autonomy of same-sex marriage.

Well, there you have the three main things affecting our nation morally and economically as a result of the Democratic side of the issues. Let us now take a look at the Republican/Conservative side of the issues, and how they may affectively implemented.

How do Sen. McCain and Sarah Palin stack up in the spectacle? As you will soon see, it is a whole lot simpler as those of us who know the system can testify to the overall conjectures that come out of the Democratic side, in contrast, their is no comparison, as the Conservative position or philosophy will put us on the road to true hope.

As far as experience is concerned, and as I noted way back at the beginning of the year when Hillary was still in the race, and is the same question that I will pose before you now - Choose between Hillary and Barack, who would you prefer to get the nomination? Hillary, who's been through the political process, or Barack, who has had little or no experience in the realm of dealing with policy making? It's a real simple question, and regardless of the fact that both are one and the same on the same destructive path in total rejection of reality; one has been around a while, has a few tricks up their sleeve and knows the political process well, and as for the other one...they don't and can't, until they've been through the process through and through. The same holds true for this election between the opposing contenders. So, I'm going to ask the question like this...

You have John McCain, who's been in it for 27 years, he has the right policies in mind for the American people militarily, economically, and most of all morally. Whereas, Barack Obama has had only 3 years of experience has voted very little and for the most part wasn't present during the creation of law, during most of his career as a Senator, if you can call him one (lol), yet, he holds this extreme left-wing ideology of socialism, and still lead with no experience .... Really?

So, who is it going to be? McCain with years of experience and a proven record, or Barack Obama who has no experience and a proven record of socialism by a few votes?

Conservative economics tell us that taxes should be lowered, and programs that waste your money should be ended, therefore, putting more money back into the hands that created it, and less into the pockets of those who would spend it otherwise, carelessly, and could go to programs already in existence that are necessary to the upbringing of children, teacher initiatives, and vouchers, an integral part of our future, so they can be prepared for the challenges that lay ahead.

On foreign policy, John McCain would lead us to necessary victories against our enemies abroad, no doubt, he understands the challenges we face in the fight against Al Qaeda and the Taliban, as he withstood and watched from enemy battle lines watching innocent men, women, and children being slain for naught. Even as he, himself, endured the enemies brutal tactics of torture for 5 long years. Tell me this doesn't take a man with a true sense of courage...The safety of the American people will be top priorty under John McCain's plan. Make no mistake about it, Mr. McCain is who we define to be a true American and Patriot, to sacrifice all for all, and then return to continue sacrificing his time and talents to serving the people as a Senator. I say, Thank You! Mr. McCain and hopefully many more to come after November 4th. We must win!

Socially and morally, Mr. McCain and his running mate Sarah Palin are strong defenders of life in the womb, and for ending/over-turning Harry Blackmun's dark decision made in 1973, Roe v. Wade. Understanding fully that life begins at the moment of conception.

Mr. McCain and Ms. Palin will appoint judges who will uphold the standards set by our Founding Fathers in the Constitution, that marriage is defined between One man and One woman for life.

There you have it. The stakes are high, and too much is to lose to squander it all. So, to all, and for the sake of all, I beg of you ... Please do not waste this great opportunity to preserve what is left of our nation, America. The price that we would pay is unimaginable for making the mistake of voting into office a young, inexperienced, Socialist minded Democrat like Barack Obama into office.

Please vote for John McCain Nov. 4th. Do you level best to help others understand the dire necessity of voting this year, which, I believe is the most important in our Nation as a history with Terrorism on the horizon, and our schools being infiltrated with the destructive poison that is Darwinism.

God bless you all, and God bless America!

Thanks for visiting Conservatives United!

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