Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain Picks Sarah Palin Gov. of Alaska as His Running Mate

Congratulations! To Governor of Alaska, Ms. Sarah Palin.

I am so thankful and feel very much blessed with Sen. McCain's choice in picking Ms. Palin as his running mate, she is on the right side of the issues, while Mike Huckabee would have been a very good choice, and is who I was hoping it would be, Ms. Palin is equal or better. The first thing about Ms. Palin, is she's intelligent, you can tell from just listening to her today in her speech in Ohio. The most important thing about her though, and is what makes her intelligence shine through the most ... she's on the right side of the moral issues facing this country, and to better term that, she knows and understands reality, she understands that if we do not uphold tradiional morality in this country that we will ultimately fail as a Nation. So, it's critical that we uphold the moral ideals that were the foundation that our Founding Fathers laid for future generations, and is the reason we should support her and Senator McCain this coming November 4.

I'm sure that Gov. Palin will do good things for the country, as she's young and will have the necessary energy to help put the country on the right track by giving added wisdom and incite to John McCain's administration to make for a real team defending America and our traditional standing in the world. Of course, there will be the critics, but we know that the opposition doesn't live in reality, and it is exposed for what it is, and the opposition is marginalized in the face of truth, as the truth will always stand bold and unflinching!

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