Sunday, August 24, 2008

The ACLU: Rights, Supposed Rights, or No Rights?

I begin to wonder sometimes, how America, founded as a Republic can continue to stand as a Nation of free people when our rights are being flushed down the toilet with each passing day that goes by, as our rights are graciously bestowed upon us by our loving and most gracious Creator, and also instituted government, thereby, the authorities that exist, are granted by Him the sole purpose of protecting those rights.

Such a simple concept, yet it is as if it “doesn’t” exist, and so, we begin to wonder.

If you haven’t noticed this, or maybe you are aware of these laws, just not aware of the implications that they are having on society, then you may need to check into the organization we know as the ACLU, which took root on American soil in the early 1920s. The facts are that, the majority of America, at present, doesn’t have a basic understanding of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. The ACLU touts itself as a “defender” of our ‘rights’ and ‘civil liberties’ … Hmmm, sounds pretty smooth, and convincing, doesn’t it? Well, no need to fool yourself, or ‘let them’ rather, because when we examine the facts behind the ACLU, they are the farthest thing from “defending” our ‘God-given’ rights. As those ‘rights’ to the ACLU “aren’t” God-given, because they don’t want any mention of God anywhere in the equation of rights…so they elevate themselves as the “Almighty Giver of Rights”. How foolish. So, in essence, the ACLU is out to implement their agenda, no matter who it harms, and no matter who they have to slander and belittle to get their way.

Just to give you an example of how the ACLU works, it goes something like this:

“You can pray, just so long as no one else can hear you. You can pray without any religious references.”
“You cannot pray in school.”
“You can be a teacher and teach, but you cannot mention any Biblical references or God in any manner whatsoever.”
“You can witness, just so long as you are not within any jurisdiction within city limits.”
“You can erect symbolism of Jesus Christ on your own property, but not on any land which might be owned by state or government.”

So, as you can see, the ACLU being a defender oppressor of freedoms, has to not only tell us what we may do, but how to do it. What a mockery of the American way, my friends, what a mockery! How could the American people not see the motives behind the ACLU and the implications that their decisions would have, after Madeleine Marie O’Hare, had the gall to stand up before a court and proclaim with a serpents tongue that prayer “must be ended” in school? How could they? And not only that, but after 100 years of Biblically-based jurisprudence guiding our country every step of the way, through perils that only God knows were the most Horrific of horrific of times … and yet, they were sustained through it all, by one book, and you know what book that is? The Bible, and that’s how we are able to stand here today and proclaim it, because that was the sole purpose of those who handed to us, a nation, given to them by Our Creator. Our Founding Fathers lived and breathed the Word of the Living God, ever single day. They raised their children, teaching them the basic subjects to acquiring the skills necessary to live a productive life, but more importantly, they taught them the Bible, as it gave them the basic knowledge on how to treat others with honor, kindness, and respect … and most of all, to uplift Jesus Christ in it all. What a wonderful thing. We had such admirable leaders, the most generous, kind-hearted, courageous people you could imagine.

However, as time began to pass, and America began to prosper through God’s help, the peoples’ attention was diverted away from their hope to the more materialistic pleasures that American life brought to them, and it was at this point, that the ACLU was waiting for, as they wanted to capture that moment where they could deceivingly destroy the prosperity that Judeo-Christian ethics provided to us. As I explained, this diversion, as not a wise decision on the behalf of the people during that time period, as it was not to their benefit to do so, especially the Christian people…as they were not aware of the destruction that the ACLU’s agenda would bring to capture the minds of our youth, they could not see it, and thus, were blind sided by the ACLU’s deceptive tactic of indoctrinating children by banning school prayer and all mention of God within the critical stages of their upbringing. The ACLU has been a cancer to say the least, through the American public’s disinterest and un-preparedness in confronting the ACLU on educational matters of their children, the ACLU has been permitted to destroy/ruin millions of lost souls.

Today, millions upon millions of college students are required or better termed – ‘Forced,’ to take four years of learning in the social sciences which are ruled with an iron grip in Darwinism, rendering them utterly hopeless to their immediate need for understanding the truth. Thus, with each succeeding generation that passes, America becomes more confused, and cannot understand the basics of right and wrong which are derived from God’s Word. This is why our laws are changing, because of these younger generations who’ve not been able to comprehend the need for laws which require some accountability, and so, laws are made that allow for murderers to received sentences which aren’t just and therefore, people are commissioned or induced to continue thinking that murder is “OK” – Take Abortion for example, very few people in colonial times would have ever imagined in their wildest of dreams, that murdering your yet-to-be-born child would be sanctioned as “law.” Yet, it has, and it has destroyed nearly 50,000,000 precious unborn babies since that dark day in 1973, when murder was slammed down as the law of the land in one Judge’s blind adjudication on. No one would ever have thought of sanctioning the perversion that is sodomy, and God forbid, it be taught in school, yet, it has, and it has, and with it, has come the spread of deadly sexually transmitted diseases and parasites of every kind.

God help us as a Nation. When we as a Nation do not stand up for what is right, and proclaim the truth, then Satan will have free reign of all that is left of our future as a Nation. We CANNOT and we MUST NOT let it happen. We can either say VICTORY or defeat.

With the Presidential election just around the corner, we have the opportunity to proclaim loudly and with one voice – Victory is ours! Let us vote, and vote accordingly – John McCain for President of the United States.

(Ed. Note: I do quite a bit of reading and researching on other sites, especially news sites which are based from a Biblical worldview, as only God’s Word is the hope that sustains us through each passing day. By far, does a fabulous job of reporting. And they are where I get the majority of the subject lines for my postings. You can read more about this post regarding the ACLU in the article from in the link below).


God bless!

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