Saturday, August 23, 2008

Obama/Biden - What to expect in the future...

Well, looks like Obama has finally picked his second in command. It's not surprising Obama would pick him, considering some of the flack he has been taking from his own party for 'straying to the middle'. Biden has been a significant person in the Democratic party during his time around, and I honestly think this will help his party, but I honestly hope it doesn't.

Should these two win the nomination, I think there are a number of things we can look for, for instance:

1: An increased push to further legalize abortion. While Biden is supposed to be a pro-life man, Obama clearly stated his opinion on the subject during the Saddleback Sessions. Obama wants women to be able to remove 'any inconvenience' from their life, and that includes a child, expected or unexpected. This is good example of the care free/lack-luster attitude of the democrats. They feel that any hindrance to 'free living' should but put assunder.

2: An increased push to further legalize homosexual marriages. Obama again clearly stated his intent, purpose and beliefs during the Saddleback Sessions. He feels he is 'secure enough in his own self' to not have problems with someone else's choice of way of living. Again, another example of the non-responsible, live as you will, how you will, attitude. Homosexuality is a disgrace and abomination, and it was outlawed way before Obama was ever heard of, maybe he should look at the account of Soddom and Gomorrah for an explicitly detailed account of what happens to nations and cities who choose to promote this type of life style.

- Should any of you readers decide to take a look, don't think that things have changed concerning God's attitude toward this abominable act, he still feels the same, and I think eventually the punishment will be the same ... abroad that is. The personal aspect for these persons will be far worse, should they not choose to change.

3: Immediate withdrawl from Iraq. Biden has stated himself that he feels the Iraq war is 'for all the wrong reasons'. I can't see where he gets that notion, seeing as how to date Iraq is stronger and more productive than it was at the start of the war. We have accomplished so much in that particular region. They had their first open election about 1 1/2 - 2 years ago, the Hussein slayings have ended, the Hussein Regime was effectively crushed and ground to cinders, the economy has flourished ... What is Mr. Biden's problem, can't he see that this war has had good results? Terrorism has suffered major blows as a result of this war, and Al-Qaeda in Iraq is essentially dead, we need to lower the cross hairs on them in Afghanistan next.

- Should we withdraw from Iraq at this stage, it would have devastating results, when so much has been accomplished. The military leaders on the ground, and even the troops themselves have stated that we have gained major toe holds in this war, and that pulling out now would be a major, major, MAJOR set back. We need to keep the momentum going, listen to the Generals we have there, and make sure that Iraq has a secure democracy before leaving. Like anything, this takes time, but if that's what it takes, then so be it. If you had a loved one who was injured, would you immediately say pull the plug on them because the cost was 'too great'? I think not.

These are just a few of the things I think we can expect should Obama and Biden be elected to our nations highest office. Feel free to discuss this with Jeremiah and I, we look forward to some lively discussion. :)


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  1. Excellent, Lucas!

    And just as an aside to all our fellow Conservative friends out there, this is Lucas' first day back in a while. We really appreciate your prayers, it's been a blessing to know that there are still people who still rely on the only hope this world has, through Jesus Christ our Lord!

    God bless One and All!