Friday, September 5, 2008

Lib Media Frenzy Over Sarah Palin

You can always count on the liberal controlled media to do their best at criticizing and making fun of Conservative women, and this has become more than a reality whenever John McCain picked Sarah Palin for the seat of Vice President.

If you ever wonder why, just look no further than what it is the Democratic party seeks in the area of reform on the national level - Higher taxes, acceptance of homosexual marriage, killing the unborn, more liberal indoctrination in schools, less security from our enemies, on and on.

The level of attacks against Gov. Sarah Palin by the liberal media has been the most atrocious, bigoted, mean spirited, hateful, sexist, vicious rhetoric as you could ever imagine, it can be rightfully called straight from none other than Satan and his demonic presence within the liberal media's elite ... they have attacked her daughter Bristol Palin, 17 years old, they have attacked her because she chose to give life to her baby with down-syndrome, I mean, the evil hatred coming out of the Democrat party has shown them for who they really are, and these hatemongers in the liberal media actually think for them.

Now, this hatred coming from the left I'm pretty positive will come back to haunt them, and is my hope that Sarah Palin's spirit and kind-heartedness will crush the Democratic party for the vile people they are.

As Senator McCain said last night in his speech, 'Stand up, Stand up, Stand up and fight!!

That's what we must do, and show the the Democrat party that love has more power than all the hate they can dish out!

God bless!

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