Saturday, September 6, 2008

Propaganda - Art of the Left

The current state of political affairs has shown us the one and main problem ... each side wants to make accusations on the same ground, and that is, the Democrats accuse the Conservative side of "not wanting to talk about the issues" and well, surely, the same can be said about the Democrat side, because their main focus and only desire is to slam the Republican Vice Presidential nominee, Sarah Palin. We already know where the Democrats stand on the issues, their platform is so disgusting that it is almost too scary to mention, but yet, their platform must be exposed for what it is, and it is evil at its core.

American's don't want what the Democratic nominee, Barack Obama is proposing, because the Socialist mindset has taken control of that party. Some people would call the current Socialist mindset of the American Democratic party (if you can call them "Democratic") a little different from what Hitler's agenda was during his rise to power in Germany in the '30s, but make no mistake, they are exactly the same, only the targets are a little different...the Nazis targeted the Jews, and murdered some 11 million or so, the American liberals target the unborn of all races and ethnicity, it doesn't matter who they are, they want to supply their butchery with your money.

Education; the Nazis had a strict educational system of propaganda that de-stigmatized children to the dangers of the ideologies that they had set out for them to do in the form of acts of hatred toward the Jews, they taught children to hate the Jews. The American liberal system of law has done and continues to do exactly the same thing, school children in America today are taught to be opposed to a Creator, God, especially the One of the Bible, and this is where the left really pours the hatred out, as the ACLU has successfully taken control of the American educational system and is brainwashing the children with lies, and in turn, you get hatred toward Christians. To translate it in a metaphorical sense, it's like if I had a son whom I had to my wife, and then later divorcing her to find another woman for a wife, and then telling my son that this is his "real mother", he'd never know the difference, and if confronted with the truth, he would probably resent the truth and believe the lie instead, wouldn't he?

So, in essence, what has happened in our current liberal controlled educational system, is they have taken the Socialist mentality to its fullest potential by implementing the Social indoctrination propaganda technique by not "interpreting" the law, but by defining it to mean as they would see fit. However, the effects of the propaganda aren't noticed suddenly, but gradually, over time, as the older generations pass away and the new generations take over, the propaganda begins to work it's poison into the fabric that connects and binds us together, causing division and strife to take place.

That is what's so dangerous about the Left, it's their propaganda with the purpose of destroying our hope and replacing it with more convenient terminology, terminology, that has no good intentions about it, it is evil. They would have us to believe that homosexuality is "ok" and that people were "born" that way ... they would also have us believe that Secularism is a "good" thing, when what they really mean, is they want to replace Christianity with Atheism, which holds no belief, or no right and wrong.....They call Abortion a woman's rights issue, and that it somehow denotes a "right" to choose in a life or death situation, when it is death that they want the most, because it brings big $, but completely overlooking the horrors of the murder that takes place in the abortion process of the unborn child. No money should go to these kinds of things.

Folks, it could be fully daylight, and the sun shining brightly, and the left would deny it and say, "no, it's dark."

So, the point here is, is that the left wants to deny the truth and facts...which is reality.

All in all, that shows you what we're dealing with...the left wants to deal with evil and deny good and right its rightful place in society.

God bless!

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