Thursday, October 9, 2008

Barack Obama Supporter Mark Warner Touts Anti-American Sentiments


From the statements uttered by Mr. Warner ... he can rightfully be identified with his party, and friend Mr. Obama as a socialist.

So, let's shake it down here and see what we've got - Mr. Warner names who he thinks the Republican party is made up of - He says it's made up of the Christian Coalition, Pro-Lifers, Home-Schoolers, etc. And then goes on to state that he thinks those are things that are "not" what America stands for.

Let's begin with the Christian Coalition. What is the Christian Coalition? It is a group of pro-family Americans who support strong family. Christianity has always been a part of America. Christianity is the foundation of America. So, maybe Mr. Warner needs to go back and study America's history a little more before who goes spouting off the way he did.

Pro-Lifers - What do Pro-Lifers stand for? Pro-Lifers are simply people who care very deeply about innocent unborn children, and want to end the genocide that is abortion. What is genocide?

Genocide is the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group.

In the case of abortion we can re-phrase that definition and it goes something like this - Abortion - The deliberate and systematic destruction of unborn human beings.

Currently, in the United State of America, there are 1.3 million unborn children murdered each year, with each year giving different variables according to State and Federal laws. Abortion became legal in the United States in 1973 - Since 1973, do you know how many children have been aborted? Current data, that is, data that can be retrieved shows that there have been At or more than 50,000,000 unborn children aborted! I don't mean to invoke Adolph Hitler's name here, but we thought he was bad? When the numbers reflect, there's no mistaking it, abortion is the worst holocaust in the history of mankind, and it has caused more suffering and anxiety than any other tragedy in the history of mankind.

I think it would be nice if Mr. Warner could come up with an explanation as to why he thinks it's "not" American to be Pro-Life and oppose abortion.

Now on to Home-Schoolers - Why do parents home-school? Well, there are a number of reasons, but I think the primary reason is because the educational system in America has been taken control of by liberals. Thus, parents do not want their children learning deviance and the evil liberal ideologies, that consist of accepting, and practicng socialist tyranny, and the mainly to plant doubt in children's mind pertaining to faith in God, and hating Christian people.

So, Mr. Warner, what is wrong with parents not wanting their children learning your demented ways? Some might say you made a "gaffe", but, no, I don't think so, Mr. Warner ... You meant what you said.

I also think, Mr. Warner, that you understand quite clearly that your Socialist Friend's (Barack Obama's) mantra of "change" means specifically that he will take away these same cherished freedoms that you, likewise, so disdain.

Folks, if you think it's bad now, you just wait...

If the liberals take control of the White House in just a few more weeks, America will know what the folks in Germany felt like in 1933 ... And to start with, Barack Obama has stated that the first thing he will do as President is sign into law the Freedom of Choice Act, which will strip away all restrictions on abortion in all 50 States, it will take away parent notification laws, and with it the awful price of hundreds of thousands of more unborn childrens lives lost. FOCA will also make it manditory that if a child survives an abortion that the child must be denied healthcare, in essence, the same thing Barack Obama has voted for on four occassions.
Yes, that's right, he voted 4 times to deny healthcare to babies who survived abortions. So, to put it into perspective, this new bill FOCA (Freedom of Choice Act) will take away the freedom to support life, and will possibly lead to further bills that uphold genocide upon the bed-fast and elderly.

With an Obama adminstration we can also expect preferential treatment to be given militant homosexual advocacy groups, such as - GLBT, GLSEN, GLTNF, NAMBLA, etcetera.
This will come as a result of Mr. Obama's Supreme Court appointments, who will re-write the constitution to accept and mandate the sodomization of marriage.

The dangers of this are two-fold, one - not only will it destroy marriage, but it will also mandate that pastors be silenced for their belief in the Holy Spirit inspired Scriptures and teaching against the dangers of homosexuality. The homosexual agenda is wicked!

I think we can also expect with a liberal adminstration the taking away of our freedom to own firearms for hunting and personal protection, Obama has proposed legislation that will strip us of our Second Amendment rights, and thereby, giving Obama an avenue to impose his socialist agenda.

What else? Oh yea, can't stop there, there's more, he will double taxation of working families making 42,000 dollars a year to pay for a healthcare system to illegal immigrants and those who are sponging off the government teet.

Well, the choice is your's, America. You can elect a man who actually stands for what it means to be an American - John McCain ... Or, you can elect a man as Mr. Warner wants to, who hates the American way and favors a system like Hitler had in place - Barack Obama...

This is very important, folks, and I would hope that you can make the right decision when Nov. 4 arrives.

Please feel free to share you thoughts, I'd like to hear from you...

God bless!

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