Sunday, October 19, 2008

Judges, What Kind Will Barack Obama Appoint?

Those Judges who favor his ideological views, much in similarity to those Judges who favored the overturning of the abortion laws in our country replacing/overturning them with Roe v. Wade, defining the Fourteenth Amendment in a broader sense to include such rights into the Fourteenth Amendment not otherwise mentioned within the Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence - In other words, Barack Obama will appoint "activist" Judges to the Court who will likely incorporate their own thinking instead of interpreting the Constitution, from an Original (intended) meaning, the way it was meant to be.

Beings that we are now aware that Barack Obama will appoint Judges who align with his ideological views, we are confronted with what exactly Mr. Obama's ideological views are. I'll do my best to explain - Mr. Obama has been termed the 'most liberal' Senator in the United States today, and I would have to agree. In my honest opinion, he has gone beyond all sane thinking to become a careless and foolhardy in no uncertain terms for the fact that he has earned the title, fool.

Mr. Obama had this to say about his view of Judges

When we get in a tussle, we appeal to the Founding Fathers and the Constitution's ratifiers to give direction. Some, like Justice Scalia, conclude that the original understanding must be followed and if we obey this rule, democracy is respected. Others, like Justice Breyers, insist that sometimes the original understanding can take you only so far--that on the truly big arguments, we have to take context, history, and the practical outcomes of a decision into account.

I have to side with Justice Breyer's view of the Constitution--that it is not a static but rather a living document and must be read in the context of an ever-changing world.

I see democracy as a conversation to be had. According to this conception, the genius of Madison's design is not that it provides a fixed blueprint for action. It provides us with a framework and rules, but all its machinery are designed to force us into a conversation.

I must emphatically disagree - I must have missed where the Founding Fathers insisted upon the outcome of any situation being the determining factor as to the laws, and "changing" those laws to meet a lawless defintion of such laws.

It seems as if Mr. Obama would undo 300 years of solid jurisprudence to satisfy his own desired outcome, in other words, Mr. Obama is not concerned about the history of America, he is interested in the history of Germany and their socia-terrorist ideological framework of their society. God help America if this is who America wishes to elect as their President.

Nevertheless, Obama chooses to side with Justice Breyer's view of the Constitution, which, under no circumstances pertains to the Constitution, or Bill of Rights, nor the Declaration of Indpendence, notice he makes the broad claim of, quote/ever-changing world/unquote ... This is the very ideology of Karl Marx, who believed in a transitional phase where the popular opinion is changed through education in order to overthrow our system of Capitalism and adopting socialism as their economic and social policy so to speak, and from there to the final and fatal blow, Communist dictatorship.

Whether this means anything to the casual political observer or not, is more than I can know for sure. I only know that it should mean something at this time if at any time at all, as we are about to undergo one of the most critical decisions one can make in contribution to their country, and that is, casting our vote for President of the United States - Under our current system, we have a choice, which is the provision of freedom that our Founding Fathers left us with in the Constitution they created for us. It may seem "pragmatic" of them to do so, but they did this for a reason, and I can tell you that their reasons weren't based merely on their own judgement or opinions, and this is mainly due to the fact that they seen that freedom can only come from one place, God's Word - Biblical Truth. God gives freedom to choose, and in His Word He has outlines the differences in His way and our own, you see, our own way is not God's way, because our own way is based upon feelings and feelings come from desires of the flesh, and desires of the flesh are what Satan capitalizes on to lead us away from the truth. In fact, thinkers such as Marx, Lenin, Stalin and other likeminded thinkers can be used as prime examples to show the fatal flaws in such thinking as desires of the flesh, as socialism and communism have their basis in desires of the flesh, which, at bottom, is atheism, and atheism meaning in the sense that self is elevated above a Higher Power, including the authorities that have been established. This self-proclaimed mentality then soon leads to a rise in power of one or more members of that society to impose their views of what is "right" and "wrong" onto society, yet, not having an understanding of foundational truths in the past, thus, the future becomes a bottomless pit of despair, with people left to wander as to where they are headed, and what purpose they might have, if any.

Now, in order to clarify the point, recent history has shown us how this mentality is being used by the Courts to undermine America's foundation - Education is number one - Socialist minded individuals, such as those noted above - their philosophies were adopted as education after the ACLU successfully removed Biblical teaching from education by a hand full of Judges - This, we typically call tyranny, where a small minority of people use their opinion to change the law of the land...after the law is changed, it is forgotten about, while at the same time, what the people do not see is the corrosion that is forming within the minds of children collectively ...not being a problem in the short term but over time it grows to a monstrous problem, and that problem we are posed with this very day.

We face this problem to a far greater extent should Barack Obama be elected on November 4 which is only 15 days from now.

The catalyst for this radical departure from wholesome ideas has and will come from Barack Obama's Supreme Court appointments, which, through the lens of a liberal means that the power respectfully reserved to the States is "non-existent".

Antonin Scalia had the following to say about our modern-day Supreme Court -

The Court must be living in another world. Day by day, case by case, it is busy designing a Constitution for a country I do not recognize.
- Antonin Scalia.

That pretty much sums up the importance of the Supreme Court and what is at stake in this election.

Well, I hope this commentary has been of help to you, and I sincerely hope that you can take it to heart as you make your way to the voting booth in just a couple weeks. Never in America's history have the choices been clearer on who is trustworthy and who is not.

God bless!

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