Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Open Thread: Election Questionaire

If honesty were the only credential necessary for this election, which one of these two men would you choose?


  1. I have a difficult time making this choice, Jeremiah. Sure, we all know that Barack Hussein Osama is a filthy murderous Muslim that ought to be deported, but I'm not warm towards the RINO McCain, either. In fact, the only reason I'm voting for him is because I know that Sarah Palin shall be a great leader, and shall chainsaw down the kudzu infested tree of liberalism. Afterward, she shall plant a Christian sapling in its steed, and it shall blossom and be guarded by the White House to all its power.

    In short, Sarah Palin may crush Leftists for good. I am praying on this.

    Excellent blog, BTW! This is going straight to my blogroll!

  2. C4C,

    Thanks for linking to my site. I appreciate it! I have likewise done the same.

    As far as our prospects go this year, things are looking a bit dim, I might say.

    In my opinion, the main reason for this, I think, and is something that I have seen coming for a long time now - God's people went to sleep when the Supreme Court made decided to remove Bible reading and prayer from education - It was a radical departure from what teachers instilled into children's minds. Although it wasn't very noticable at the start, it just took time before the socialist Marxist/Humanist mindset would work its evil poison. Parents thought everything would be "ok", they just didn't see what their children would be learning. As generations passed````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````many parents that had raised their children in the straight and narrow were taken on home to be with the Lord, and their children who were left had only the propaganda that the educational system had indoctrinated them with, which has held the same to this day, and much of it starting with tyrannical Judge rulings...they also did not see the danger in the NEA being controlled by Communists.

    Education is where it all started, and I think education is where it will have to end if we are to survive as a nation.

    Public education today is filled with drugs, sodomy, explicit and obscene materials, rape, darwinism, marxism, and humanism ... which are all basically motivated by atheism's dark mentality, it is evil to its very core with teaching of hatred for America's Christian Foundation, yet, we send them our most precious gift, our children.

    In short, public education has grown a monster of trouble.

    Many of these children are now grown people, who can't comprehend how dangerous the ideologies are that they were taught...it has gone so far, that these same ideologies are being accepted in churches all across our nation...ministries accepting the homosexual lifestyle...imagine that!

    Our nation, I believe, is headed for a major disaster, the worst this nation has ever seen...God forbid that it does, but I don't see how we can avoid it at this point. I just pray that God would give myself and others wisdom enough to turn it in the other direction, provided it isn't too late. We all have family and friends we love dearly...and wouldn't want to see anything happen to each other.

    Being confined to such a limited number of choices in this election...by far, John McCain is the way to go, he and Sarah Palin will make a great team...they are our only shot to saving what is left of our country.

    God bless!

  3. I had briefly considered Chuck Baldwin for the Presidency, since he's at least a Christian, although horribly wrong on the War on Terror.

    I have no doubt that John Sidney McCain will win the election for the Presidency, since Obama's Ayers connections are too large to ignore. What I do worry about is if John McCain will remain his RINO self as well as remain in good health. I'm hoping that either God smites him for his criticisms of evangelists in 2000 (which he has never officially retracted), or hope that he'll resign the Presidency in order to spend more time searching for the LORD. The second option is what I prefer, although I cannot legitimately say what the LORD's plan shall be.

    I do know that it will take Sarah Palin to fix the education disaster that we have. I think that we ought to privatize the system, since public schools mostly house the lazy poor people who don't really care about their education. In the meantime, they are taught the lies of Darwinism, Marxism, Humanism, Bolshevism, Anarchism, and Copernicanism, while Christians are frequently derided in Social Studies classes.

    Working to keep the schools public while tossing out the fallacies of the Left just isn't going to work, since the National Education and the rest of the teachers' unions would inevitably oppose Creationist thought and prayer in schools. After all, unions work to keep the courses simple for the teachers to teach, and Darwinism is mind-numbingly easy to learn about, while Creationism takes a life time to master. The free market will provide the answer, as long as we require Christianity to be taught in each school.

    I eagerly await Sarah Palin's assured victory this fall. I'm worried about a Leftist assassination attempt on her, but I have faith that she will, under the mandate of the LORD, crush those that place obstacles in her stride to the Presidency.

    God Bless These United States!