Monday, October 27, 2008

Obama and Freedom

I don't think Obama is ready to lead the most powerful nation in the world for some very simple reasons...

He simply does not have the qualificatons to lead. He has spent very little time in his position on the senate floor of the house committe, and what time he did spend, he spent looking at a pursuit for power, instead of learning how the ways and means of our Republic is kept free, and how we got here. However, Obama certainly does seem to care about exploiting the democratically elective process for his own personal desires. Emerging as the only candidate to date with a class of individuals behind him of ever-growing proportions who seek not to advance but to depend solely on the government to supply their every need.

Now, while most on the far-left will deny this, what will have to be explained is, from whence does the source of money come to pay for Obama's plans for a healthcare system in whereby there is no expectation to return the favor by the recipients of such favor? As I see it, it is impossible for the government to pay for something that they don't have, therefore, those who work for a living, Obama will raise their taxes and use that money in the form of a subsidy, giving it to those already on the government programs such as welfare, medicaid, medicare, food stamps, etc, etc, and not to mention if they give Social Security to 12,000,000 illegals. Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg...Obama has said he will give a tax-break to 95% of Americans, but when we examine the figures, how many in America actually work and would thusly have to pay taxes?

Somewhere between 185 - 193 Americans fall outside the taxed percentage of Americans, that's almost 200 million people who aren't taxed but file a tax return, and the majority of these 91 million of these folks don't file tax returns. So, how do you tax 95% of Americans when nearly half of Americans don't pay taxes? In effect, the remaining 5% that Mr. Obama refers to, are really the other 50% of Americans that he wishes to increase taxation on and rendering it in the form of subsidies to those already outlined, who don't pay taxes.

This indeed, is Communism, as it were, to wage war against the free market system of Capitalism. Capitalism works because it enables one with a sense of responsibility, and the ability to have purpose in society, whereas, in Communism, the State or government rations out the money suppressing work ethic to the hands of the State ownership, and has complete control over life, property, and the means of production... much the same as Hitler, Stalin and other likeminded dictators likewise conducted societal affairs.

Obama's plan is equal, or the same as those Communist/Socialist thinkers, in that he will use working men and women as slaves to the government that will eventually lead to that dreadful point of dictatorship that had taken over the European countries so long ago.

What we find, thenceforth, is that Obama, being affixed to the notion that he can "spread freedom" by "spreading the wealth" (which is what he told Joe the Plumber) is a first rate lie on its face...and, let's just say it is a good thing he is not in a position of authority with his current mindset, thereby, giving us ample opportunity to expose him for it while we still have the chance.

Does "spreading the wealth" sound like "freedom" to you? If you're a working American taxpayer you know good and well that it doesn't because there are limited resources, and those resources must be defended and protected against those who are of evil mind and want to take advantage of the means of power, like Barack Obama who wants everybody to be equal under the State to dictate every move one makes in life. By far, this is why Capitalism under a system of laws works far better, because it's the government's responsibility to entrust to the people their right to live and own property and work together for the common good, and not have to worry about the government taking every dime one makes.

Overall, economic ruin is one of many other issues that we face in the event of an Obama administration, but there are also others which I have capitalized on in other posts which are equal or greater importance...our Supreme Court being one of them, which would lead to disasters on many levels - Law would be created to destroy life, marriage, education, Church ministries, talk radio, etc, etc.

If you are like me, and you find Capitalism to be the best form of ethics as it creates the opportunity for personal enterprise...then you understand why we cherish the freedom we have in America. Only by the grace of Almighty God are we where we're at today, but our freedom can't last if we don't vote the right people into office. John McCain and Sarah Palin understand this freedom very well...won't you give them your support on election day?

God bless!

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  1. Your understanding of communism is terribly confused and functions as an insult to the millions who suffered under Hitler and Stalin.

    --Some East European

  2. Please point out what you disagree with regarding my view of communism...